What is the use of SOCKS proxy?

Socks (or “SOCKS”) is a protocol that a proxy server can use to accept requests from client users in a company’s network so that it can forward them across the Internet. Socks uses sockets to represent and keep track of individual connections.

How will use the SOCKS proxy with Internet Explorer?

It’s easy to configure and use Internet Explorer with socks proxy . Run Internet Explorer . Go to Tools → Internet Options. Choose the provider or see below for LAN settings, and click Settings. Click Advanced. Congirue your socks . If you have only LAN, click LAN settings. Click Advanced.

What are the benefits of socks5 proxy?

Bypass Internet Blocks. As the proxy server is a relay between your device and the internet,you can easily bypass internet blocks with it.

  • No Program,Protocol,or Traffic Limitations.
  • Faster and More Reliable Connections.
  • Fewer Errors and Improved Performance.
  • Works Well With P2P Platforms.
  • Using SOCKS5 With a VPN.
  • How to get socks5 proxy?

    Download Firefox browser Here,if you don’t have it yet,when you are done setting up your FireFox browser or maybe you have it already and you’ve opened

  • Click the Add button in the pop up box to add the FoxyProxy Standard to your browser.
  • Once the installation is completed,The FoxyProxy icon is added to your browser,you can find it somewhere in the top left conner of your browser.
  • Click on the Foxyproxy icon and then click the Options button to see the FoxyProxy options.
  • A new webpage tab will be opened as shown below,click on the Add button to start the configuration.
  • IPVanish has up to 75 SOCKS5 proxy server,as you also can see in your SOCKS5 Proxy tab,You are free to pick any Proxy Address or Server
  • Get your SOCKs5 username and password on your IPVanish account dashboard,just login to your IPVanish account and navigate to SOCKS5 Proxy tab as you can see below.
  • Enable the button that’s adjacent to “ Send DNS through SOCKS5 Proxy ” and then click the Save button to save the credentials you’ve provided.
  • Make sure you change the “ Turn Off (Use Firefox Settings) ” to “ SOCKS5 ” option.
  • And lastly,Click on What’s My IP menu option,thats on the left side to confirm if the proxy is properly configured.