How do you insult a Polish?

How to piss off someone from Poland

  1. Suggest we’re Russians.
  2. Label our food ‘so-so’.
  3. Feign (or admit) ignorance of Poland’s location.
  4. Suggest that anyone else has suffered as much as the Poles.
  5. Imply that other countries are worse off.
  6. Dare to imply that Polish people are not the best.

How do you pronounce dzien Dobry?

To say “good day,” say “dzień dobry.” This greeting, which literally translates to “good day,” is pronounced as “jayn DOH-bry.” The first syllable in this phrase sounds almost like “Jane.” The final “y” sounds like the “i” in “fin,” “dinner,” and “sick.”

How many swear words are in Polish?

New vulgarisms appear when new word configurations are created or their semantic context changes. The dictionary of real Polish gives four words in 350 configurations, including the word “shit” in 47 functions.

What does Bubu mean in Polish?

Translation of “BUBU” in English. Noun. Boo Boo. boo-boo. Bub.

What is hallo in Polish?

hallo {interjection} cześć {interj.} [coll.] hallo (also: bye, cheerio, cheers, ciao, hello, hey, hi, howdy, hullo, g’day)

What are the funniest Polish sayings and expressions?

Here is a list of the 7 funniest Polish sayings and expressions. Use them to sound like a regular Pole! #7.Not my circus, not my monkeys Polish: Nie mój cyrk, nie moje małpy. A complicated and fun way of saying that something is not your problem. #6. Don’t divide the skin while it’s still on the bear Polish: Nie dziel skóry na niedźwiedziu

How do you say thank you in Polish for everything?

Dziękuję is the surest way to say “thank you” in Polish in all possible situations. Dzięki is more casual and mostly used when thanking for little favors (“thanks”). When someone thanks you in Polish, say nie ma za co (“not at all”) or proszę (“you’re welcome”). Przepraszam is the default phrase said when apologizing in Polish (“sorry”).

What do you like about the Polish language?

Hundreds of such wonderful sayings are functioning in the Polish language making it rich and nice to hear. The language is really a living monument. This is the reason why Itzhak Perlman can make pretty music with the cheapest fiddle, while even a Stradivarius is of no help to me…:)

How do you Say Sorry in Polish?

TL;DR. Przepraszam is the default phrase said when apologizing in Polish (“sorry”). You can also use it to get someone’s attention (“excuse me”). When someone apologizes to you in Polish, you can reassure them by saying nie ma problemu (“no problem”) or (nic) nie szkodzi (“no harm done”).