How do you attempt an essay in CSS?

Structure of Essay

  1. Introduction: This first paragraph should introduce your topic.
  2. Body: It constitutes the major part of your essay comprising of many paragraphs.
  3. Conclusion: The last part of your essay should conclude your essay.

Which book is best for CSS Precis and composition?

Here is a list of highly recommended books and preparation series for CSS preparation: High Scoring CSS Essays Online Series by Abrahim Shah. CSS High Scoring English Precis & Composition by Career Finder. CSS Current Affairs Package (with Online Learning) by Dogar Brothers.

How is CSS essay marked?

Each paper has 100 marks. The written exam carries 1200 marks in total. Out of which, 600 marks are for compulsory papers and 600 marks are for optional papers. Qualifying marks for the compulsory paper is 40% and for the optional paper is 33%.

How can I improve my CSS writing skills?

While reading as per the CSS SYLLABUS or any other book, newspaper or articles, underline all catchy and attention-grabbing sentences. You can also use them while writing. This practice will enable you to learn catchy phrases as well as improve your English writing skills for CSS and PMS examinations.

What is the precis writing?

What is Precis Writing? Precis Writing is a summary. A precis writing is a gist of any passage in as few words as possible. A precis should mention all important details of the original paragraph so that anyone who is reading it is able to understand the idea of the original passage.

What is English Precis and composition?

You are required to write its précis. The term ‘précis’ means a concise summary. It means you have to re-write the given text in a short and comprehensive form. You have to summarize the given text in your own words. As directed in the question, your précis should of about 120 words.

Which field is best for CSS?

However, Public Administration, Governance and Public Policy, Political Sciences, International Relations are Generally the best options for the students aiming for CSS.

How can I improve my English CSS at home?

How to Improve English for CSS at Home?

  1. Improve English Grammar. To be honest, grammar may not be an essential part of learning the English language.
  2. Read. CSS exam is all about reading and writing.
  3. Write. Writing is a corresponding productive skill to reading.
  4. Listen.
  5. Speak.
  6. Enhance Vocabularies.
  7. Everyday plan.

How can I improve my writing skills for competitive exams?

Try to write the answer within 300 words. Candidates should keep track of the usage of words and at the same time the quality of the answer. Try to practice writing answers. Time is the most important fact in the competitive exam.

How can I improve my précis writing?

10 Techniques for More Precise Writing

  1. Use Active Voice.
  2. Avoid Vague Nouns.
  3. Use Words, Not Their Definitions.
  4. Avoid Noun Strings.
  5. Convert Nouns to Verbs.
  6. Reduce Verb Phrases to Simple Verbs.
  7. Replace Complex Words with Simple Ones.
  8. Avoid Expletives.