How can I get IBM corporate ID?

The app installation process downloads the MaaS360 MDM for Android app to your device. Tap Open. The Enter Your Corporate Identifier screen is displayed. Type your email address from your device activation request, and then tap Continue.

How do I register my device with IBM MaaS360?


  1. Choose one of the following actions to begin the enrollment process:
  2. Paste the activation URL in the browser and then tap Start.
  3. Tap Install.
  4. Tap Accept.
  5. Tap Open when the MaaS360 MDM for Android app installation process is complete.
  6. Type your email address and tap Continue.

What is MaaS360 IBM?

The IBM® MaaS360® Mobile Device Management (SaaS) is an enterprise mobility management (EMM) platform that provides visibility and control of smartphones and tablets in the enterprise. The IBM MaaS360 software supports devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone.

Can IBM MaaS360 track your location?

MaaS360® can detect a geographically-based or wifi-based location and apply a policy to a device within 30 minutes depending on the network connection and the status of the MaaS360 app on the device. For Android devices, MaaS360 immediately detects a wifi-based location for a device.

What is MaaS360 used for?

IBM MaaS360 is used as a remote management tool for my company. It is mainly used to enroll devices such as android, iPhones, Mac computers, where we have control to wipe data, reset passwords, create users for access, deploy apps, and locate phones as well.

What is MaaS360 MDM profile?

MaaS360 supports all devices including the iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and Kindle Fire. MaaS360 MDM streamlines the platform set-up and device enrollment process to make life simple for IT and employees. MaaS360 simplifies device integration with your existing systems.

Does IBM MaaS360 spy on you?

Can I see my users’ private information or data on their personal mobile devices (BYOD)? No, IBM MaaS360 does not have access to personal data (e.g., emails, SMS or photos).

What can MaaS360 see?

But as far as MaaS360 goes, it can see/touch/move everything on the phone or device. Adding in more. It can block use of phone functions (camera, microphone, flashlight, etc.). It can control if you are allowed to copy data from/into programs.

What can employers see with MaaS360?

How do I get rid of MaaS360?

How do I remove maas360 from my Android Device?

  1. Find the MaaS360 app in the application menu, Tap on it to open.
  2. Tap on Settings.
  3. Tap on the app menu (three vertical dots) located on the top right corner, and select the Remove MDM Control.
  4. A pop-up message will be shown.

How much does MaaS360 cost?

IBM Security MaaS360 with Watson Pricing

Name Price
Essentials Edition $4.00 per device$8.00 per user
Deluxe Edition $5.00 per device$10.00 per user
Premier Edition $6.25 per device$12.50 per user
Enterprise Edition $9.00 per device$18.00 per user

Can you remove MaaS360?

Tap on the app menu (three vertical dots) located on the top right corner, and select the Remove MDM Control. Next, the app MaaS360 needs to be uninstalled manually. Go to Settings a Application manager (Settings a Apps in some devices). Select MaaS360.

Does MaaS360 support the user enrollment mode?

Note: For macOS enrollment, MaaS360 does not support the user enrollment mode. The device is enrolled as a corporate-owned device. Device Account: A device account is active on one device only and provides access to the managed Google Play account from the enrolled device. Note: Use this option to bulk enroll devices.

What information is available in the MaaS360 iOS services hostname?

The email address and phone number that your users can contact for device support. This information is displayed in the MaaS360 app on devices. Any prompts for over-the-air actions that are scheduled for iOS 7.0 devices use the iOS Services hostname. Review the following Enrollment Programs for all users.

How to manage employee owned D (BYOD) devices in MaaS360?

Select the default enrollment mode to manage the employee owned d (BYOD) devices. You can either allow administrators to fully manage the device or choose to manage only corporate resources on the device by using the user enrollment mode. Note: For macOS enrollment, MaaS360 does not support the user enrollment mode.

How to activate the MaaS360 MDM for Android app?

The Activate Device Administrator screen is displayed. Tap Activate to allow MaaS360 administrator permissions on your device. Note: Depending on the security policy of your organization, you might need to set up a PIN. The MaaS360 MDM for Android app is installed on your device when the configuration process is complete.