What is the meaning of In a Station of the Metro?

In short, ‘In a Station of the Metro’ briefly encapsulates the main driving idea behind the Imagist movement. Ezra Pound once defined an image as ‘an intellectual and emotional complex in an instant of time’, and this is exactly what this poem offers.

What does the apparition of these faces mean?

Line 1: “The apparition of these faces in the crowd.” The poet is trying to get us to see… things from his perspective. The word “apparition” suggests… that the faces are becoming visible to him very suddenly and probably disappearing just as fast. They almost look like ghosts.

How is a station of the Metro modernist?

“In a Station of the Metro” is an early work of Modernist poetry as it attempts to “break from the pentameter”, incorporates the use of visual spacing as a poetic device, and does not contain any verbs. The work originally appeared with different spacing between the groups of words.

What aspects of the poem In a Station of the Metro make it a good example of an imagist poem?

Modernist poet Ezra Pound composed this poem during his imagist period, and it was published in 1913 in Poetry magazine. In a Station of the Metro is an excellent example of imagism because of its direct treatment of its subject, its lack of unnecessary words, and its avoidance of the metronome of meter.

What is the tone of in a Metro station?

The poem has an unmistakably somber tone, even though we may not, at a first pass, be able to say precisely why. The content of the poem seems to be just the description of a moment in a subway station, when the people appear to look (somehow) like petals stuck to a branch.

Why did Ezra Pound reduce in a station of the metro from 30 lines to?

Why did Ezra Pound reduce “In a Station of the Metro” from 30 lines to two? He wanted to make the poem more concise and direct. What ideal of imagist poetry is best reflected in this poem by Ezra Pound in which he compares a crowded metro station to a flowering tree branch?

What two things does the poet compare in a station of the Metro?

What two things does Ezra Pound compare in the poem “In a Station of Metro”? In “In a Station of the Metro,” the two things Ezra Pound compares are the faces of Paris subway riders and petals on a branch.

How is in a station of the Metro like a haiku?

“In a Station of the Metro” is a type of poem called a haiku (sometimes spelled “hokku”) a traditional Japanese nature-image poem of precisely 17 syllables. Pound’s haiku has 19 syllables, 12 in the first line and 7 in the last.

How is in a station of the Metro an imagist poem?

Pound’s two-line poem is a famous example of “imagism,” a poetic form spear-headed by Pound that focuses above all on relating clear images through precise, accessible language. In just 20 words (including the title!), this poem manages to vividly evoke both a crowded subway station and petals on a tree branch.

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