Can you ice fish with dead bait?

Dead bait is the preferred tool when chasing winter pike. They represent a large, stationary profile to a hungry fish, triggering instinctive strikes from these freshwater predators. I prefer my baits to be slightly frozen when hitting the ice, as it allows for easier rigging and manipulation of the bait.

How do you use dead bait?

Keep these baits frozen solid until it’s time to use them, then let them thaw about halfway so they are soft enough to stick a hook in. Once in the water, they will soften up quickly. Leftover bait can be refrozen and used again on another trip.

How do you rig dead bait for lake trout?

Once again, it’s important to hang your dead bait vertically in the water column—not horizontally—and the best way to do this is by inserting one hook from the top treble lightly under the skin, along the back, near the tail.

Will lake trout eat dead bait?

Lake trout are very partial to eating dead bait fish, and dead bait is an excellent bait for catching them when they don’t want to bite your jig or swimbait. This rig is also the best option when you’re fishing for lakers from shore.

How do you fish with a dead fish?

If you must use dead bait out of necessity or because of local fishing regulations, there are ways you can rig them to get more bites. The key is to fish slower and hook the bait in ways that promote natural-appearing movement. Make that dead appear as lifelike as possible. Think of a dead bait as you would a lure.

How do you select a fishing line for ice fishing?

Line selection for ice fishing requires anglers to consider several factors that are unique relative to open-water presentations. First, because their activity levels are generally much deeper than typically observed in the warmer months, fish will often spend a considerable amount of time inspecting a lure or bait before committing to the strike.

How to choose the right ice fishing rod and reel?

Let’s begin by dissecting the issues surrounding rod, reel, and line selection for ice fishing. Picking the right ice rod, reel, and line requires you to think carefully about your target species, water depth, and lure weight. Dr. Jason Halfen

What are the best fishing tips for anglers?

Anglers will typically fish within a shelter when sight fishing, which helps to minimize glare and maximize visibility beneath the ice. Using a high-contrast bait – like a tungsten jig dressed with big, white waxworms – also makes it easier to determine when a bite has occurred.

What is a dead-sticking walleye?

Dead-sticking walleyes is a highly effective way to catch fish that are initially drawn to the erratic action of a jigging spoon, but are unwilling to attack a highly mobile lure. Offer those same walleyes an easy target, like a vulnerable, free-swimming minnow, and you’ll convert many of those lookers into biters.