Can you draft Madden 25?

If that wasn’t enough for offline Connected Franchise players, Madden 25 also includes the ability to start a league with a Fantasy Draft Before you start your Franchise, you can choose to throw every NFL player back into a pool and essentially restart the league.

How do you download draft class on Madden?

How to Download a Draft Class in Madden 22

  1. Step one: At the main menu of Madden 22, you will see Franchise, Superstar KO, Ultimate Team, etc.
  2. Step Two: After you click on those settings you will see “Share & Manage Files”.
  3. Step Three: You are now in the final stretch.

Can you import draft class Madden?

Edit your players and once you are finished editing the draft class you will choose “Export File”. Once you enter into a new league and you click “Scout College Players” in week 3 you now will choose “import local file” and will be able to import your saved custom-created draft class.

Can you still import draft classes in Madden 25?

We have received word today from a few EA Sports GameChangers that Madden 25 will indeed have the ability to import draft classes from NCAA Football 14 to Madden 25. You will now be able to use imported draft classes in your online connected franchises that you play with your buddies.

How do I download a draft class?

How to Download a Custom Draft Class in Madden 21:

  1. In the main menu of Madden 21 head to “Settings” on the far right.
  2. Then, go to “Share and Manage Files”.
  3. Choose “Download Community Files”.

How do you import a draft class into Madden franchise?

You will want to be in week three and head over to the “Things to Do” tab then find and click on “Scout College Players”. Once that window has opened, you will want to select the setting on the very bottom of the screen “Edit Players”. With that window populated, you want choose “Import Draft Class”.