Why SIUs scoring systems?

SIUS electronic scoring systems are in use at Olympic Shooting Events, World Cups and the majority of international memorable shooting events. SIUS’ core is the development of cutting-edge technology enabling a reliable versatile product range.

What does SIUs stand for?

Electronic Scoring Systems. The world’s leading producer of electronic scoring systems for sport, military and police. For more than 50 years the name SIUS stands for quality in the world of international shooting sports. The newest generation of electronic scoring systems for 300m.

Why SIUs ballistic accuracy?

When you need precision ballistic accuracy, SIUS sets the standard for detection systems, software and reporting. A precision target system built with the U.S. shooter in mind. A precision target system built for the hunting and sport shooters.

What is sisius USA?

SIUS USA, Inc. is a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business which specializes in International-level Sport Shooting Scoring Systems and the Location of Miss and Hit/Engagement Scoring Device (LOMAH/ESD) and Known Distance (KD) Automatic Electronic Precision Target Systems.