Why is Chapter 9 of Lord of the Flies important?

The importance of the figure of the beast in the novel cannot be overstated, for it gives Jack’s tribe a common enemy (the beast), a common system of belief (their conviction that the mythical beast exists), a reason to obey Jack (protection from the beast), and even a developing system of primitive symbolism and …

What are some important quotes from Piggy?


  • Didn’t you hear what the pilot said?
  • Acting like a crowd of kids!
  • Give me my specs!
  • That little ‘un that had a mark on his face—where is he now?
  • I know there isn’t no beast—not with claws and all that, I mean—but I know there isn’t no fear, either…

What is a quote from Ralph in Chapter 8?

“… Ralph said my hunters are no good.” Ralph thinks you’re cowards, running away from the boar and the beast. And that’s not all.

Who is to blame for Simon’s death?

The Murder of Simon in “Lord of the Flies” Summary: It may appear that Jack and the hunters were responsible for Simon’s death in “Lord of the Flies,” but the true culprit is the innate barbarian instincts of the boys. Golding says there are two innate human instincts: barbarianism and civilization.

What’s right is right Lord of the Flies?

I don’t ask you to be a sport, I’ll say, not because you’re strong, but because what’s right’s right. Give me my glasses, I’m going to say—you got to!”

Who said it was an accident in Lord of the Flies Chapter 10?

Ralph says it was an accident; Piggy calls it murder. They both refuse to talk about it. They both say they can’t remember what happened.

Why does Ralph cry at the end of the novel?

Ralph wept for the end of innocence, the darkness of man’s heart, and the fall through the air of a true, wise friend called Piggy. He has lost his innocence and learned about the evil that lurks within all human beings.

How is Simon’s death like Jesus?

Simon, like Jesus, dies in a manner associated with his ideals. Simon was crying out something about a dead man on a hill” (Golding 152). Jesus died because he believed in his identity as the son of God, and Simon died because he adhered to his idea that they were the ‘beastie.

What happened in Chapter 9 of Lord of the flies?

Lord of the Flies Quotes: Chapter 9 | SparkNotes Lord of the Flies So they had shifted camp then, away from the beast. As Simon thought this, he turned to the poor broken thing that sat stinking by his side.

What is the significance of the Lord of the flies quote?

The importance of this quote, however, goes beyond that of a boy losing his mind. Simon represents everything that is good. The Lord of the Flies (the pig’s head) represents all that is evil. The two cannot coexist. Quote: “I gave you food,” said Jack, “and my hunters will protect you from the beast.

What does Ralph weep for in Chapter 12 of Lord of the flies?

Chapter 12, pg. 184 Quote 74: “Ralph wept for the end of innocence, the darkness of man’s heart, and the fall through the air of the true, wise friend called Piggy.” More summaries and resources for teaching or studying Lord of the Flies .

What does Jack really want in ‘Lord of the flies’?

We kick things off in this ‘Lord Of The Flies’ quotes article by revisiting some of the most iconic quotes from Jack in ‘Lord Of The Flies’. In the novel, Jack is portrayed as an egomaniacal and strong-willed character and you’ll be able to make out from his quotes that what he really wants is power.