Why do they throw oranges in Ivrea?

Every year the citizens remember their liberation with the Battle of the Oranges, where teams of aranceri (orange handlers) on foot throw oranges (representing old weapons and stones) against aranceri riding in carts (representing the tyrant’s ranks).

What day is Battle of the Oranges?

06 Jan 2021
Battle of the Oranges will be held 06 Jan 2021 in Ivrea, Italy. Battle of the Oranges is a food fight festival takes place during the historical Carnevale of Ivrea in Italy.

How long does the battle of oranges last?

The Battle of the Oranges is fought for three days, from Sunday to Shrove Tuesday. It is played between the nine teams on foot, who represent the people who revolted, and the ‘Aranceri’ (orange-throwers) on horsedrawn carriages, who play the role of the feudal armies.

How long does the Carnevale di Ivrea last?

Best known for the spectacular Battle of the Oranges, which unfolds over three days in the city’s main squares, the Carnival of Ivrea features a complicated ceremony that incorporates various eras and culminates in a historical parade.

When did oranges come to Italy?

Oranges were introduced to Italy in the 1200s, many centuries after beloved Mediterranean fruits such as grapes, figs, and pomegranates-all well-known since Antiquity.

What is Battle of the Oranges Italy?

Battle Of The Oranges 2021 has been canceled. See you in 2022! The Battle of the Oranges (Carnevale di Ivrea) is one of the craziest and most widely-anticipated festivals in Italy.

Why is Battle of the Oranges celebrated?

The origin of the so-called Battle of the Oranges dates back to medieval times and is said to commemorate the day the townsfolk were liberated from the harsh rule of an evil duke.

What questionable tradition happens every year in Ivrea?

Thousands of people poured onto the cobblestone streets of a northern Italian town on Sunday to throw oranges at a makeshift monarchy, a tradition dating back more than 150 years. The juicy battle in Ivrea is part of the town’s yearly carnival, which recreates a centuries-old revolt by commoners against the monarchy.

How is Carnevale celebrated in Ivrea?

Ivrea. The town of Ivrea in the northern Piedmont region has a unique carnival celebration with medieval roots. The carnival includes a colorful parade followed by orange-throwing battles in the center of town.

Are oranges native to Europe?

Citrus fruits — among them the bitter orange — were introduced to Sicily in the 9th century during the period of the Emirate of Sicily, but the sweet orange was unknown until the late 15th century or the beginnings of the 16th century, when Italian and Portuguese merchants brought orange trees into the Mediterranean …

Where are oranges native?

History and use. Oranges are believed to be native to the tropical regions of Asia, especially the Malay Archipelago; along with other citrus species, they have been cultivated from remote ages.

How many people participate in the battle of oranges?

It takes place in the city of Ivrea, and it presents an organized event steeped in history. Basically, it is a story about people rebelling against the cruel and tyrannic government – now transformed into a carnival that attracts around 100,000 spectators every year.