Why are there no subtitles on narcos?

Producers are therefore fearful of marketing subtitled foreign-language films or television toward American viewers. Narcos (2015) chooses to go down the subtitles route, and in many ways it shapes the experience that viewers have with the series.

How do I watch subtitles on narcos?

If you are watching it in Netflix, you will have the option for your subtitles in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Are there a lot of subtitles in narcos?

American audiences are notoriously averse to subtitles, especially when it comes to mainstream entertainment. Yet in Narcos, with its widely popular themes of crime, violence, drama, and action, Netflix made the bold choice to use a mix of English and Spanish to tell the tale, with subtitles wherever necessary.

Why is narcos not in English?

It doesn’t look realistic. People in Mexico City, Berlin, Mumbai, Seoul, and Nairobi don’t speak English as their first language. Narcos has totally eliminated that factor by making sure that Spanish is widely present because after all Colombia is a Spanish speaking country.

Why do subtitles say Speaking foreign language?

Sometimes they do, but when you see [speaking in Spanish] it usually means the person writing the subtitles doesn’t speak Spanish and can’t write subtitles for it. Spanish has its difficult points and its easy points for an English speaker.

Is Narcos show in English?


Should I watch Narcos or Narcos: Mexico first?

How should viewers watch the ‘Narcos’ series? According to Narcos: Mexico showrunner Eric Newman, viewers can watch the series in any order. Although the spinoff series centers around the Mexican drug trade, the Netflix crime drama tells one story. So, viewers can watch the spinoff series first or vice versa.

Can you dub Narcos on Netflix?

No, it’s available only in the Spanish language. It was a binge-worthy prestige drama, “Narcos,” follows cops and kingpins during the rise of the big cocaine cartels in 1980s Colombia. All the characters speak Spanish.

Is Narcos: Mexico in English or Spanish?

Narcos: Mexico/Languages

What order should I watch narcos?

So, you should first watch the original Narcos, three seasons, and after that, you can continue with Narcos: Mexico. Let us see what are they about and how they connect. There are a lot of spoilers for both Narcos series, so be warned.