Who won the Vytal festival RWBY?

Yang Xiao Long
Round 3 (Singles)

Winner Loser
Yang Xiao Long Mercury Black
Team RWBY disqualified due to misconduct
Pyrrha Nikos Penny Polendina
40th Vytal Festival ended due to interference

Does Yang beat Mercury?

Her body uppercut and subsequent haymaker punches then proceed to break his Aura and knock him down on the ground, securing Yang’s victory as she celebrates by raising her fist in the air.

What happened to Mercury’s legs RWBY?

Mercury lost his legs not long before Cinder showed up due to enemies of his father attacking Marcus, and Mercury got caught in the crossfire. This means his legs are still healing from having to be replaced, which explain the bandages above his knees when Cinder meets him.

Where is Mercury Black from?

Mercury Black Quartzite, imported from India, has cascading flows of black, grey, and white intersected by thin white quartz veins.

What is Amity RWBY?

Amity Colosseum was the location of the Vytal Festival tournament. It was an enormous levitating arena that was capable of moving vast distances, making the journey to the host Kingdom every time the festival is held in one of the four Kingdoms. When not in use, the Colosseum remained parked near Atlas.

Does mercury like Emerald?

Mercury does, at least a little, genuinely care for Emerald; he goes about it in a dickish way but trying to recognize Cinder’s abusive behavior is one of the most noble things he’s done all show.

Does Mercury Black have silver eyes?

Fandoms: RWBY And it must be protected.” Mercury Black has silver eyes.

How old is Mercury Black?

Mercury Black
Series RWBY
Age 17/18
Birthday Unknown
Sex Male

Is RWBY Amity arena shutting down?

On December 27, 2020, it was announced that RWBY: Amity Arena would be shutting down. On January 28, 2021, at 9:00 PST, the game’s servers closed and the game was shut down.

How many RWBY games are there?

The RWBY franchise also has two original games; Amity Arena on mobile and RWBY: Grimm Eclipse on several platforms such as PS4, Xbox, PC, and macOS.

What is the Vytal Festival tournament?

“Vytal Festival Tournament” redirects here, for the World of Remnant episode of the same name, see Vytal Festival Tournament (WoR episode). A major part of the Vytal Festival is the combat tournament, in which students from the Huntsman Academies compete.

Where is the 40th Vytal Festival in RWBY?

Team RWBY participated in the 40th Vytal Festival, held in Vale. In ” Where There’s Smoke… “, it is revealed that the previous Vytal Festival took place in the city of Mistral, and RWBY: After the Fall reveals the 38th Vytal Festival Tournament took place in Vacuo .

How did Cinder Fall manipulate the 40th Vytal Festival?

Unbeknownst to the populace, the matches of the 40th Vytal Festival were manipulated by Cinder Fall, who had managed to breach the Cross Continental Transmit System with a virus, giving her the ability to decide the match-ups in the tournament.