Who wins team captain Mona or Spencer?

Spencer chokes on a question that would win the game. Mona takes over and gets it right, becoming the captain of the team. Byron is waiting for Aria and Meredith when they come home. Byron apologizes to Aria for scaring her.

Who won Spencer or Mona?

Her high IQ is further established in the Season 3 episode “Mona-Mania”, when she competes against rival Spencer Hastings in a high-school quiz game, and ultimately wins.

Did Ezra cheat on Aria PLL?

Aria has had the least amount of harassment from “A”. This could be because she and Alison had a neutral relationship. Aria has cheated on every boyfriend she’s had. When she was dating Noel, she cheated on him by making out with Ezra.

How were the girls tortured in the dollhouse PLL?

Hanna revealed during Tuesday’s episode that, while the girls were locked in their fake bedrooms, Charles “played games” with them — aka Charles forced the Liars to torture one another. It’s obvious that Charles tried desperately to break the girls’ bond while they were trapped in their rooms for those three weeks.

Who set fire to Meredith?

It’s also revealed right off the bat that it was Lucas who caused the school shed fire that injured Meredith … only her arm, though. Lucas also believes that it was Mona — who has been blackmailing him since the masquerade ball — who drove him off the road at the beginning of last week’s episode.

What episode does Meredith drug aria?

Misery Loves Company
In the span of one episode, Meredith drugs Aria and locks Aria, Emily, and Hanna in a basement before disappearing forever. On season three, episode 16, “Misery Loves Company,” Aria starts feeling sick after finding out that her father was being blackmailed by Ali and saw her the night she died.

Is Pretty Little Liars over after 7 years?

After seven years of twists, turns, fake-outs, network name-changes, and scary text messages, it’s hard to believe Pretty Little Liars is finally over. And while the show did its best to wrap things up, there still were plenty of moments that required a little suspension of disbelief.

What happened to Mona on Pretty Little Liars after Caleb left?

Of course, shortly after Hanna and Caleb leave, Mona disappears. That night, they have Aria and Ezra’s bachelorette/bachelor party, which is just all the couples having dinner at the Lost Woods, which Spencer and Ali now co-own after Mary gave it to them. (Best line during the party?

What happened to Ali’s horse Bashful on ‘PLL’?

Ali and Emily might have babies, but Spencer has a pet: She’s bought a horse named Bashful, and she chats with Melissa at the stable. “I was hoping you’d consider swapping the barn for your old room,” Melissa jokes to Spencer — the first callback to the PLL pilot that we were promised in this finale.