Who presents Bigg Boss 6 in front of the people?

Salman presents the sixth season of Bigg Boss in front of the people. He introduces all the contestants turn by turn and sends them inside the house. He asks the contestants about their strategy.

When did Preity Zinta appear in Bigg Boss 4?

On 27 October 2012, Bollywood Actress Preity Zinta appeared on the eviction interview night to promote her upcoming film and production Ishkq in Paris. On 3 November 2012, Bigg Boss 4 winner Shweta Tiwari and finalist Dolly Bindra appeared on the eviction interview night.

Who is the winner of Bigg Boss Halla Bol?

The series was won by soap actress Urvashi Dholakia on 12 January 2013. Imam Siddiqui was the first runner up while Sana Khan and Niketan Madhok were second and third runners-up respectively. Sana Khan returned as challenger to compete with champions in Bigg Boss Halla Bol!.

What is the tagline of the 6th season of Big Brother?

Bigg Boss is the Indian edition of Big Brother TV series. The season started from 7 October 2012. Salman Khan, who was the host of the previous two seasons, returned as the host for the show. The sixth season was launched as a Parivarik season with a Gujarati tagline- Alag che!

How many cameras are there in the Bigg Boss house?

13 celebrities, 93 cameras and 100 days inside the Bigg Boss house. Your favourite star Salman Khan is back with your favourite reality show of all times, Bigg Boss. From unadulterated drama to unedited entertainment, get ready for the wildest roller-coaster ride ever because iss season jo Terah hai woh mera hai.

What happened on Day 02 of Bigg Boss 11?

Day 02: Little did the beauties of the house know that they were in for heartbreak when Bigg Boss asked them to reveal their preferred ‘connection’ in the house. As a show of admiration and affection quickly turns into their worst nightmare and, one revelation escalates into multiple altercations, accusations and tears.

Did Jaan Kumar Sanu get a mohawk haircut on Bigg Boss 14?

However, Bigg Boss unleashes a twist by asking the Seniors to grill them with gruelling tasks. When Jaan Kumar Sanu is asked to undergo a mohawk haircut, he steps up to the challenge and aces it. Watch this entertaining episode of Bigg Boss 14 as the Seniors take the Rejects on a wild ride.

What is Bigg Boss elimination day 2?

Day 2: The members are given the opportunity to nominate two housemates for elimination. Some go for the obvious, based on previous spats and some try to eliminate a strong contender. Bigg Boss empowers the Padosis to make the final judgement allowing them to save one nominated person.