Who owns Lady Dixon park?

It includes meadows, woodland, riverside fields, formal rose gardens, a walled garden and a Japanese garden, as well as a children’s playground, coffee shop, an orienteering course and many walks. It is owned and maintained by Belfast City Council’s Parks and Cemeteries Services Section.

How big is Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon park?

128 acres
Covering more than 128 acres, the park has rolling meadows, copses, woodland and gardens.

What time does Lady Dixon carpark close?

10am to 4pm
It is open from 10am to 4pm, Monday to Sunday, and is also available for private events. For bookings, please call 028 9061 3893.

Where is Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon Park in Northern Ireland?

Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon Park. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Coordinates: 54°32′28″N 5°58′48″W / 54.541°N 5.980°W / 54.541; -5.980 The Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon Park is a park in South Belfast, Northern Ireland, covering almost 130 acres (0.53 km 2) and is accessible from the Upper Malone Road.

What happened to Sir Thomas Dixon House in Belfast?

Sir Thomas Dixon died in 1950 and in 1959 Wilmont House and the estate was presented to Belfast Corporation “for the greatest good of the citizens of the City of Belfast” by Lady Dixon in memory of her husband. The park opened the same year. From 1963 to 1988 Wilmont House served as a nursing home.

Who was Lady Dixon and what did she do?

Lady Dixon was well-known for her work with the troops and was created Dame of the British Empire as a result. Before she died in 1959, she donated the estate to the city of Belfast in memory of her late husband, a former High Sheriff of Belfast.

When was the first trial Rose Park in Belfast?

The park was bequeathed to the people of Belfast in 1959 by Lady Edith Stewart Dixon and was dedicated to the memory of her husband, the late Sir Thomas Dixon. The first roses were planted in 1964 and the Trial roses were judged for the first time in summer 1965.