Who makes Riverina milk?

A 100% Australian-owned dairy company The Australian dairy farms that supply our Riverina Fresh milk are owned and operated by our passionate farmers, many who are second generation. They are experts in dairy and are committed to producing quality fresh milk.

Who owns Riverina Fresh Milk?

Blue River Group
Riverina Fresh is an Australian owned independent dairy manufacturer owned by Blue River Group.

Where does Woolworths milk come from?

Our milk is collected from dedicated Farmers’ Own farmers in most states of Australia. Milk is collected from lots of farms across the states. It is then delivered to our processors and kept separate from other milk where it is bottled into Farmers’ Own Bottles.

Is Aldi farmdale milk Australian owned?

Australian cowes but not Australian owned.

Is Riverina milk pasteurized?

It is pasteurised and standardised to consistent fat and protein levels, and then filled into blown bottles for shipment within 24 to 48 hours. Kim says he started in the dairy industry hand-bottling and packing 72 bottles per hour.

What lactose free milk is Australian owned?

Riverina Fresh
Choose 100% Australian milk Riverina Fresh is a 100% Australian owned dairy company with all profits staying in Australia.

Who owns Norco Milk?

About Norco Established in Byron Bay, New South Wales in 1895 Norco is a 100% Australian farmer owned dairy co-operative with 326 active members on 199 dairy farms in northern New South Wales and south east Queensland.

Who provides Woolworths milk?

Woolworths’ own milk, as well as Pauls and Farmhouse Gold, is supplied by Italian company Parmalat, which is owned by France’s Lactalis. Dairy Farmers and Dairy Choice are both supplied by Lion, which is owned by Japanese company Kirin.

Is farmers own milk owned by Woolworths?

A consumer would only know that Farmers’ Own was a Woolworths home brand by looking at fine print on the back of the carton. The Farmers’ Own brand is processed by Parmalat for Woolworths, but Woolworths negotiated the price it paid for the milk directly with the farmer rather than the processor.

Who owns Norco milk?

Where does Coles milk come from?

Coles proudly sources fresh milk from some of Australia’s finest dairy farmers in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia. Coles is recruiting more milk for its own brand products and from 1 July 2021 is expanding its milk program to include dairy farmers in Tasmania.

Is Australia’s own milk Australian owned?

Australia’s Own Full Cream Milk is from the Goulburn & Murray Valleys. Proudly Australian owned. That’s why we source most of our milk from the green pastures and clean air of Victoria. Mainly the Goulburn Valley and Murray Valley in the Murray-Darling basin, one of Australia’s most abundant agricultural regions.

Why choose Riverina fresh milk?

Winner of the Finder Retail Award for Best Rated Fresh Milk Brand in Australia 2020/21, Riverina Fresh milk is also highly regarded by Australia’s leading cafes and perfect for your home coffee. Riverina Fresh is an independent regionally based dairy manufacturer supplying Australians with award winning products from the Riverina region since 1922.

What is Riverina full cream full cream milk?

Riverina Fresh Full Cream milk is a great tasting, award winning milk. Renowned for its rich, creamy mouthfeel and consistency Riverina Fresh is a great drinking milk for everyday use.

Who is Riverina fresh?

Riverina Fresh is an independent regionally based dairy manufacturer supplying Australians with award winning products from the Riverina region since 1922. Quantities stated above are averages only.