Who is Toshiro Hijikata based on?

Hijikata is based on the real life figure of Hijikata Toshizō, the vice commander of the Shinsengumi who lived during the Bakumatsu period and opposed the Meiji Restoration.

Who is Hijikata wife?

An arrangement was made by his eldest brother Tamejiro for him to marry Okoto, the daughter of the shamisen shop owners. Since he had already planned to join the Rōshigumi with Kondō Isami, Hijikata told them that after he got a promotion, he would carry out his marriage.

Which Anime is Hijikata from?

Hakuouki series
Toshizou Hijikata (土方歳三 Hijikata Toshizō) is the main character in the Hakuouki series. While he is de-jure the second-in-command of the Shinsengumi after Isami Kondo (the leader), he is the one who does most of the work in keeping the Shinsengumi together and in check.

Are Hijikata and Sugimoto related?

Hijikata is clearly not Sugimoto’s father as we met Sugimoto’s father and he’s the split copy of his son, only thinner and older. But still Hijikata can be a relative.

Who owns Shinsengumi?

Mitsuyasu Shigeta
Shin-Sen-Gumi owner and “Kyokucho” (Chief Boss) Mitsuyasu Shigeta broke that taboo when he opened his highly successful 2nd and 3rd stores at the same time, to the surprise of those around him.

How does hakuouki end?

Chizuru rushed to catch him and cried, remembering all the things that the Shinsengumi had fought for, and the movie ends showing the whole Shinsengumi team in the pale blue overcoats, smiling. Some say that Hijikata would have turned into dust if he had used up his life, but it is implied that he died.

Who killed Kiroranke?

Suddenly, Kiroranke is shot by Tsukishima and Tanigaki, both of whom had recovered from their wounds, and collapses to the ground.

What did Hijikata do to the Drifters?

As the Drifters and their army decimate the Ends’ troops, Hijikata gives orders for his soldiers to break into smaller units and disperse into the streets setting the city ablaze while heading to Orte’s capitol buildings.

What happened to Toyohisa in Drifters?

Shimazu Toyohisa (島津 豊久, Shimazu Toyohisa) is the main protagonist of Drifters. Historically, he died in 1600. When he first arrived in the new world, he was critically injured, only to be brought to the hideout of Nobunaga and Nasu by some young “elves”.

Who is the director of the anime Drifters?

It was announced on September 19, 2015 that the anime will be directed by Kenichi Suzuki, produced by NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan, animated by Hoods Drifters Studio, written by Hideyuki Kurata and Yōsuke Kuroda, and will feature character designs by Ryoji Nakamori. Yasushi Ishii and Hayato Matsuo will both compose the music together.

Who is hidehijikata Toshizo?

Hijikata Toshizo was once the feared “demon” vice commander of the Shinsengumi, an elite Japanese police force that patrolled the imperial capital of Kyoto in the nineteenth century.