Who is the main antagonist in Dishonored?

Delilah Copperspoon is the main antagonist of the Dishonored series.

What happens to the Lord Regent?

The Lord Regent is killed by guards in a non-scripted way if he flees after the confession plays. This can happen if you possess him, or if you attack him or the guards while he’s being led out of the tower.

What is the Lord Regent?

A regent is in charge of ruling a realm when a king, lord, or ruling lady is underage, or incapable of ruling due to injury or illness. Royal regents have also taken the title “Protector of the Realm”, a title usually reserved for the king. A regent is often the young ruler’s parent or other close relative.

Is Delilah a Kaldwin?

She reveals to the Dunwall elite that she is in fact a Kaldwin herself – the long-lost older sister of Jessamine. Almost immediately following this revelation, the guards attack Emily and her father Corvo Attano, with Delilah turning one of them into stone.

Which Lady Boyle is the target?

After you initiate conversation with Lord Brisby again, he will reveal to you that the person you are after is Esma Boyle.

Is cersei the queen regent?

Queen {Cersei Lannister}, Robert Baratheon’s widow, serves as Queen Regent during the reign of “their” eldest son, {Joffrey Baratheon}. Captain Daario Naharis rules the Bay of Dragons as regent to keep the peace until power is transferred peacefully to the people.

Is Delilah really Jesamine sister?

This line, once ambiguous, becomes explicit when it’s revealed in Dishonored 2 that Delilah is believed to be the illegitimate half-sister of Jessamine Kaldwin. This magical possession becomes a literalised metaphor for the events that transpire in Dishonored 2.

Who is Billie dishonored?

Billie Lurk is Daud’s second-in-command and companion throughout the events of The Knife of Dunwall. It is she who informs Daud about the location of the whaling trawler Delilah, and assists in each of his missions. In Dishonored: Death of the Outsider Billie becomes the protagonist.

Can Corvo kill Hiram burrows?

Corvo can either kill him or expose him by stealing the incriminating audiograph and playing it over the city’s propaganda system, having him arrested for high treason and ending his reign. Hiram Burrows is voiced by Kristoffer Tabori. Canonically, Burrows was arrested by Corvo, who later carried out his lawful execution.

What did Lord burrows do before Lord Regent?

Before taking on the role of Lord Regent, Burrows was the Royal Spymaster. As such, he worked with great impunity and little oversight, staging campaigns of espionage against the gangs of Dunwall (including the Bottle Street Gang) and making plans outside even the Empress’ knowledge.

How does burrows know if a safe has been opened?

Burrows is capable of noticing if a safe has been opened, and will react. During his reign, Burrows wrote a letter each day, seemingly posted on noticeboards around Dunwall. Many of these letters can be found as rubbish around the city.

What happens to Burrows after Corvo reveals his identity?

Corvo then grabs hold of Burrows’ head and breaks his neck, retrieving the blade before the Lord Regent falls. If Corvo reveals his identity, Burrows becomes one of the few individuals outside the Loyalist Conspiracy to know the identity of the Masked Felon.