Who is Sneha Wagh husband?

Anurag Solankim. 2015
Sneha Wagh/Husband

Who is Sneha daughter?

Popular celebrity couple Sneha – Prasanna recently celebrated the first birthday of their daughter Aadyanthaa. Sneha and Prasanna have shared glimpses of the same on their respective social media handles. Aadyanthaa birthday celebrations was an intimate affair attended by relatives and friends.

Is Sneha Wagh single?

Sneha Wagh had married Avishkar Darvhekar when she was 19. Avishkar is also a contestant on Bigg Boss Marathi 3. Sneha married interior designer Anurag Solanki in 2015 but it lasted eight months. Both have been living apart for a long time, but are not legally separated.

What is the meaning of Sneha?

Love, affection
Meaning. Love, affection (friendship) Region of origin. India. Sneha (Hindi: स्नेहा) is a popular Hindu Indian feminine given name, which means “Affection”.

How old is Sneha?

40 years (October 12, 1981)

What is the personal life of Sneha Shetty?

Personal life. Sneha was born as Suhasini in Mumbai to Rajaram and Padmavathy, and is the youngest of four children. Her family moved to Sharjah, United Arab Emirates soon after her birth.

Where was Sneha Khan born and raised?

Sneha was born in Mumbai in a Tamil family. After her birth, her family moved to Sharjah, United Arab Emirates where she completed her schooling. Later, her family settled in Panruti, Tamil Nadu where she owned a marriage hall.

How many songs did Sneha perform in the movie Ennavale?

The film featured Sneha as an aspiring dancer, with the actress performing for seven classical songs. She was signed by Susi Ganeshan for his directorial debut Virumbugiren in 2000, which however became long delayed and Ennavale, opposite Madhavan, became her first Tamil release. She won many accolades for her outstanding performance.

What is Suhasini Rajaram’s age?

Suhasini Rajaram was born on 12 October 1981 (date of birth) in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Her age as in 2018 is 37 years old. She still look young even in her age. She is known by her name as Sneha.