Who is Abdul Razik?

Abdul Razik is a Tajik singer who wrote his title in record books as the youngest singer. By Tajikistan, Abdo Raziq became famous due to his distinctive knack for singing Tajik rap songs. His existence can be observed mainly on the YouTube channel called Avlod media, which includes more than 350K subscribers.

Who is hero of Kandahar?

Abdul Raziq Achakzai
He was considered to be one of the most powerful security officials in Afghanistan for the last few years of his life….

Abdul Raziq Achakzai
Birth name Abdul Raziq
Born 1979 Spin Boldak, Kandahar, Afghanistan
Died October 18, 2018 (aged 39) Kandahar, Afghanistan
Allegiance Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Who is army chief of Afghanistan?

Qari Fasihuddin
Chief of General Staff (Afghanistan)

Chief of General Staff of the Afghan Armed Forces
Incumbent Qari Fasihuddin since 7 September 2021
Ministry of Defense
Reports to Minister of Defense
Seat Kabul

Who is the governor of Kandahar?

Kandahar Province

Kandahar کندهار (Pashto)
• Governor Muhammad Yousuf Wafa
• Police Chief Haji Mullah Abdul Ghafar Mohammadi Sahib
• Total 54,844 km2 (21,175 sq mi)

How old is Abdurozik?

18 years (September 3, 2003)
Abdu Rozik/Age

What is the age of Abdul rozik?

Abdu Rozik Personal Life Info & More Abdu Rozik was born on 3 September 2003 and is 18 years old (as of 2021).

Who rules Kandahar?

The current Governor of the province is Toryalai Wesa. He was appointed by President Hamid Karzai in December 2008 after Rahmatullah Raufi’s four-month rule.

Is Kabul in Kandahar?

It is Afghanistan’s second largest city after Kabul, with a population of about 614,118. It is the capital of Kandahar Province as well as the de facto capital of the Taliban, formally known as the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan….Kandahar.

Kandahar کندهار
Country Afghanistan
Province Kandahar
District Kandahar

How old is Abdu Jon?

Abdu Rozik was born on 3 September 2003 and is 18 years old (as of 2021)….Abdu Rozik Personal Life Info & More.

Date of Birth/Birthday 3 September 2003
Age (as in 2021) 18
Birthplace Gishdarva, Panjakent district of Tajikistan