Who hit the most home runs in 2011?

Major League Baseball Batting Leaders

1. Cabrera • DET 48
2. Francoeur • KCR 47
3. Zobrist • TBR 46
Cano • NYY 46
Ellsbury • BOS 46

Who led the MLB in home runs in 2011?

MLB Postseason Stat Leaders 2011

Home Runs HR
2 Adrian BeltreTEX 5
2 Albert PujolsSTL 5
2 Delmon YoungDET 5
2 David FreeseSTL 5

Who had the most RBIS in 2011?

American League Batting Leaders

1. Young • TEX 213
Gonzalez • BOS 213
3. Ellsbury • BOS 212
4. Cabrera • KCR 201
5. Cabrera • DET 197

Who was the best MLB team in 2011?

East Division

Tm W L
New York Yankees 97 65
Tampa Bay Rays 91 71
Boston Red Sox 90 72
Toronto Blue Jays 81 81

What team did Adrian Beltre play for in 2011?

Texas Rangers

Adrián Beltré
Home runs 477
Runs batted in 1,707
Los Angeles Dodgers (1998–2004) Seattle Mariners (2005–2009) Boston Red Sox (2010) Texas Rangers (2011–2018)

Who is Manuel Beltre dad?

Engel Manuel Beltré (born November 1, 1989) is a Dominican former professional baseball outfielder.

Who is Manuel Beltre?

Manuel Beltre is a 2022 SS with a 5-11 165 lb. frame from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. He showed good speed with a 6.98 second sixty. A primary shortstop with a medium athletic frame, still has room to fill moving forward.

Who is the all-time home run leader in Major League Baseball?

Jump to navigation Jump to search Barry Bonds, the all-time career home run leader in Major League Baseball, led the league in home runs twice including in 2001 when he set the record single-season mark of 73.

Who is the best MLB player with the most HR in 2021?

Rank Player (2021 HRs) HR 5 Albert Pujols (16) 678 6 Willie Mays * 660 7 Ken Griffey Jr. * 630 8 Jim Thome * 612

How many times did Alex Rodriguez lead the American League in home runs?

Alex Rodriguez led the American League in home runs five times, three with the Texas Rangers and twice with the New York Yankees.

How many times did Ken Griffey Jr lead the league in home runs?

Harmon Killebrew led the league in home runs six times for the Minnesota Twins franchise, once while the team was in Washington and five times in Minnesota. Ken Griffey, Jr. led the American League in home runs in four seasons during the 1990s, including three consecutively from 1997 to 1999.