Who created n2y?

Jacquie Clark
It All Started in 1997 Our story began in 1997 when speech-language pathologist Jacquie Clark discovered that there was nothing that taught current events for those with autism and other special needs, which led her to create News-2-You®, a weekly newspaper cultivating literacy with current and relevant news.

Where is n2y located?

Huron, OH
Headquartered in Huron, OH, n2y, an organization creating unique and dynamic learning materials, was one of 19 companies to receive what’s called “special visibility” at the Texas-based South by Southwest EDU (SXSWedu) festival.

What is n2y unique learning system?

A one-year Unique Learning System license provides: Unlimited access for one service provider and 15 students to one grade band of differentiated lessons, and standards-aligned content for ELA, math, social studies & science, and transition.

What skills does SymbolStix prime work on?

SymbolStix PRIME enables educators to create symbol-based language, learning materials and other signs and symbols as communication tools for printing or speaking aloud online.

Is there an app for n2y?

News-2-You is the app version of a symbols-based newspaper for kids with special needs. This special tool brings current events and other newsy tidbits to kids through an easy-to-understand system of symbols and voice recordings, which you can adjust to fit your kid’s unique needs.

What is SymbolStix?

SymbolStix is a new and dynamic symbols set. Originally designed and developed by News-2-You, Inc for use in its internet newspaper and online curriculum, SymbolStix depicts activities and people as lively, vibrant stick figures, drawn with a distinctive flair to create “stick figures with an attitude”.

Does boardmaker use SymbolStix?

Boardmaker or PCS symbols are certainly known to most SLPs as they are often used to make therapy materials and AAC boards. Symbolstix symbols use ‘stick figures’ to depict the people in their pictures.

What is PCS AAC?

Picture communication symbols (PCS) are a set of colour and black & white drawings originally developed by Mayer-Johnson, LLC for use in augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) systems. These AAC systems may be high-tech (Dynamyte) or low-tech such as a communication board.

What are the 5 l3 skills activity skills areas?

A one-year L3 Skills license provides: Practice in many critical soft-skill areas such as cause and effect, problem solving and persistence, attention to detail, task completion, goal setting, creative discovery, gains in memory, digital literacy and navigation, and social awareness.

Does Proloquo2Go use SymbolStix?

Symbolstix symbols use ‘stick figures’ to depict the people in their pictures. Speech Language Pathologists will recognize it as the symbols used in the Proloquo2Go and TouchChat AAC apps. Finally, we considered Smarty Symbols, which you can find in the Speak For Yourself AAC application.