Which is better aviator or Activa?

Compare the Honda Activa 5G Vs Honda Aviator on carandbike to make an informed buying decision as to which bike to buy in 2022….Activa 5G Vs Aviator – Which model is Cheapest?

Summary Honda Activa 5G Honda Aviator
Manufacturer Honda Honda
Body Type Scooter Scooter
Mileage 45.00 Km/l 49.00 Km/l
Power 8.00 bhp 8.00 bhp

Why is aviator discontinued?

Honda India will be pulling the plug on its premium 110cc scooter – the Aviator. The model didn’t make it to the list of Honda scooters that were updated recently to BS6 spec, indicating that the company could discontinue the model.

Which is better Activa 125cc or Activa 6G?

The Activa 125 is powered by the same 124 cc motor that is seen in a number of other Honda bikes and scooters. The Activa 6G lacks behind in the performance department when compared to the Activa 125. The Activa 6G on the other hand gets a smaller, 109 cc motor that churns out 7.79 PS and 8.79 Nm of peak torque output.

Which is better Activa 125 or access 125?

74,400 which is Rs. 243 costlier than base model of Honda Activa 125 priced. 74,157. The claimed mileage of Honda Activa 125 is 60 kmpl whereas the mileage of Suzuki Access 125 is 52.5 kmpl….Honda Activa 125 vs Suzuki Access 125 Summary.

Activa 125 Drum BS6 Access 125 STD
Speedometer Analogue Analogue

Is Honda Aviator worth buying?

Honda aviator is a fantastic two wheeler. It is heavier than most of the two wheelers in the same segment. The mileage is also good for leisure rides and local roaming. Has enough space for keeping the stuff.

Is Honda Aviator a metal body?

It is a 110cc scooter, which is placed above the Activa. However, one problem is that this scooter comes with a half fibre-half metal body, unlike Activa’s full metal body. The scooter now starts at Rs 55,157 (ex-showroom), which is around Rs 1,400 higher than the earlier model.

Is Honda Aviator a good vehicle?

Honda aviator is absolute beast scooter to drive on rough road !!! It’s better than honda activa because due to it’s better shock absorbers. Mileage is also good as compare to other scooter available in market. And also it’s unique design look way better than other tvs suzuki hero scooters.

When was Honda Aviator launched?

Honda Aviator

This is the first model of Honda Aviator
Manufacturer Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India
Production 2009-2020
Class Scooter
Engine 109 cc (6.7 cu in), four-stroke, air-cooled, OHC, single-cylinder

Is Aviator a good bike?

Overall it’s a good scooty to have and am fully satisfied with the performance of my aviator. Just love it. Its look, its height, its performance just i want to say in word its wow. I have ridden this bike about 5000 km, i feel, it is very comf…