Where was Geraldine McCaughrean born?

EnfieldGeraldine McCaughrean / Place of birthEnfield was a constituency for the House of Commons of the UK Parliament from 1885 until 1950. The area sloping to the River Lea in the east was in the far north of Middlesex centred on the town of Enfield. Wikipedia

When was Geraldine McCaughrean?

Geraldine McCaughrean was born in 1951 and brought up in North London. She studied at Christ Church College of Education, Canterbury and worked in a London publishing house for 10 years before becoming a full-time writer in 1988. She has written over 150 books, 50 short plays for schools, and a radio play.

Where the World Ends Geraldine McCaughrean age?

It’s an historical fiction novel with an age range 12+. The novel is supposed to be about how a group of men and boys got stranded on an island.

Who are the main characters in where the world ends?

The tale unfolds through the alternating perspectives of main characters Phoebe (whose father was killed in a terrible workplace accident), Maeve (now in remission but a year older than her classmates due to repeated hospital admissions for leukemia) and Knox, younger brother of four sisters and a close friend of …

Where the World Ends summary?

Where the world ends is a brilliant historical novel set in 1727, based on a true story set in St Kilda. Its about a bunch of boys/men who were sent fowling on a island, and are left there. They visit the island, Warriors Stac, on the premise that the boys would go home less of a boy and more of a man.

Where the World Ends Geraldine Mccaughrean summary?

Where the World Turns Wild age rating?

It is probably for children aged 10 and up as parts of it are quite frightening. Especially at the moment, when we are all in our own lockdown anyway. I would heartily recommend this book for anyone looking for a new adventure story with a focus on humanity’s place within the natural world.

Where the world ends based on true story?

The novel is very loosely based on a true story. Revealed in the end by the author, the only true part of the story is that in the 1700’s a group of young men did get stranded for 9 months and survive. That is literally all that is known. No other details survive about the true account as to how they survived, etc.

What is the genre of where the world ends?

Historical FictionWhere the World Ends / Genre
WHERE THE WORLD ENDS is an intriguing historical fiction, based on a true story. The boys of Hirta are sent to a rocky island to hunt the birds that gather there and bring back the food to the people to help with their survival.

Where the World Turns Wild ISBN?

Where the World Turns Wild/ISBN

What genre is where the world turns wild?

Adventure fiction
Dystopian Fiction
Where the World Turns Wild/Genres

Where the World Ends time period?

‘Where the World Ends’ is set in Scotland in 1727, when Hebrideans would visit St Kilda to kill sea birds. This story follows Quilliam and other boys. They were going to a remote sea stac to harvest sea birds for food, feathers and oil. Disaster strikes when the boat they were expecting does not return to collect them.

What is Geraldine McCaughrean famous for?

Geraldine McCaughrean. Geraldine McCaughrean (/məˈkɔːkrən/ mə-KAWK-rən; born 6 June 1951) is a British children’s novelist. She has written more than 170 books, including Peter Pan in Scarlet (2004), the official sequel to Peter Pan commissioned by Great Ormond Street Hospital, the holder of Peter Pan’s copyright.

Who is Anne McCaughrean?

McCaughrean was born in London and grew up in North London. She was the youngest of three children. She studied teaching but found her true vocation in writing.

What kind of stories does McCaughrean write?

McCaughrean is particularly interested in Biblical, mythical and legendary stories, and is the author of many re-tellings of these traditional tales, from Greek myths to Noah’s Ark to Shakespeare and Chaucer.

What awards has Mary McCaughrean won?

For her lifetime contribution as a children’s writer McCaughrean was the British nominee in 2004 for the biennial, international Hans Christian Andersen Award, the highest international recognition available to creators of children’s books.