Where is the 747 SuperTanker now?

The Global SuperTanker now sits in Washington at the Moses Lake Municipal Airport where it will remain until its future is decided. Reese hopes that another investment company will step in so that operations can resume, but if not the SuperTanker may be sold to be used as a freighter.

How does the 747 SuperTanker filled up with water?

In locations around the world that commonly use large and very large air tankers, a hose is simply connected to the aircraft that supplies retardant or water to fill the tanks. An airport crash-rescue truck pumped from the tanks through two hoses to the 747 SuperTanker.

How many 747 air tankers are there?

The 747 Supertanker was one of several aerial firefighting airtankers derived from various Boeing 747 models. The aircraft were rated to carry up to 19,600 US gallons (74,000 L) of fire retardant or water….

747 Supertanker
Developed from Boeing 747-400 (N744ST) Boeing 747-100 (N479EV) Boeing 747-200 (N470EV)

What is the largest air tanker in the world?

747 SuperTanker
“The 747 SuperTanker has by far the largest fire-retardant capacity of any firefighting air tanker,” Gabbert confirmed. Even though its retardant capacity has been steadily trimmed down from the originally specified 20,000 gallons to the current 17,500 gallons, there is still no other air tanker that comes close.

Why is the super tanker grounded?

747 Global Supertanker Grounded As California Braces For Another Nasty Wildfire Season.

Who owns global super tanker?

National Airlines
Orlando-based National Airlines announced this week that it has acquired the Global SuperTanker and will be returning Tanker 944 back into cargo configuration to join the companies fleet of cargo aircraft that comprises of five Boeing 747-400 aircraft, a Boeing 757-200 and an A300-200.

What is the biggest air tanker?

The world’s largest air tanker, the 747 SuperTanker, has been assisting the firefighters in Chile since it arrived January 25, dropping 19,200 gallons on each mission.

Why was the 747 Supertanker retired?

The eighth interim approval related to the 2020 season. So authorities agreed to giving the 747 Supertanker a reprieve last year, due to the Covid-19.

Who owns the global supertanker?

But before that took place, the owner, Alterna Capital, shut down the company and sold the aircraft and the RDS to two companies. The 747 was purchased by National Airlines to be used as a freighter, and Logistic Air bought the RDS. 747 SuperTanker makes demonstration water drop in Colorado Springs, May 14, 2016.

Where is the Global Supertanker?

Global Supertanker. Jim Wheeler, CEO of Global Supertanker Services, said the company currently has CWN contracts with CAL FIRE and two counties in Colorado — Douglas (just south of Denver) and El Paso (Colorado Springs). Other pending contracts that they hope to sign later will be with the states of Colorado, Texas, and Oregon.

What kind of planes are used as refueling tankers?

Top 10 aerial refueling aircraft in the world KC-10 Extender. Airbus A330-200 Multi-Role Tanker Transport (MRTT) The Airbus A330-200 Multi-Role Tanker Transport (MRTT) is a modernized and modified version of the passenger aircraft of the same model. Boeing KC-46A Tanker. Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker. Ilyushin Il-78: Midas. Boeing KC-767 International Tanker. Airbus A400M.

Where is the 747 Supertanker?

747 SuperTanker fights fire in U.S. for first time. At the time, the SuperTanker was at McClellan Air Force Base near Sacramento. The aircraft is based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The company says it made two individual drops of 8,500 gallons of fire retardant that evening.

What is a 747 tanker?

The 747 Supertanker is an aerial firefighting airtanker derived from various Boeing 747 models. The aircraft are rated to carry up to 19,600 US gallons (74,000 L) of fire retardant or water for 400 miles (350 nmi; 640 km), and is the largest aerial firefighting aircraft in the world.