Where is telekinesis in Redwater den?

Spell Tome: Telekinesis – in the large cavern past the skooma den, in a prison cell.

Where is the Bloodspring in Redwater den?

To the right of the altar is an unlocked boss-level chest, and along the rear of the room is a long stone table with two bottles of Redwater skooma on top. Beyond the table is a passage leading to a master-locked iron door, which opens with the key carried by Venarus Vulpin into the cavern containing the Bloodspring.

How do you activate the blood spring in Skyrim?

Make your way to the upper floor of the main cavern and activate the level to lower the bridges to cross. Search for a chain lever that permits access to the deeper parts of the den to finally reach Redwater Spring.

Can you levitate in Skyrim?

Spell Tome: Levitate is a spell tome added to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim by Apocalypse – Magic of Skyrim. It grants the spell Levitate upon reading.

Where can I find telekinesis?


  • May be purchased from Tolfdir at the College of Winterhold. (
  • May be purchased from Wylandriah at Mistveil Keep. (
  • May be found in Labyrinthian. (
  • Found in a cell in Redwater Den near a dead character.
  • Can rarely be found in the Master locked chest in the Thieves Guild.

How do you activate Blood Chalice?


  1. Speak with Garan Marethi.
  2. Follow Garan.
  3. Take the Bloodstone Chalice to Redwater Spring.
  4. Fill the Chalice from the spring.
  5. Defeat Stalf and Salonia.
  6. Fill the Chalice with vampire blood.
  7. Return to Garan Marethi.

Can you make Skooma in Skyrim?

Skooma cannot be made in an alchemy lab, but is manufactured out of Moon Sugar and Nightshade. All parts of this plant are poisonous but some contain an essence which enhances the potency of moon sugar. If improperly prepared, the Skooma user will experience loss of voice, minor fits, and possibly even death.

Where can I buy telekinesis arrows?

(Telekinesis arrows are found in The Arcanaeum in the College of Winterhold, Soul Stealer Arrows can be found in Kagrumez. All other arrows can be purchased at vendors & appear in containers.)

How do you get telekinesis in Redwater?

Under the wooden ramps are several crates and barrels, with a random potion of stamina, an adept-locked chest. To the north is an adept-locked cell containing a dead novice conjurer with a copy of the spell tome: Telekinesis beside them. This is where you will awaken if you choose to drink the Redwater skooma.

Where is Redwater Den in Redwater?

Redwater Den is a drug den hidden beneath a dilapidated shack, supplying Redwater skooma, located west of Autumnshade Clearing. It has an exterior and two interior zones: Redwater Den and Redwater Spring.

Where can I find telekinesis in Skyrim?

Spell Tome: Telekinesis – in the large cavern past the skooma den, in a prison cell. If the Dragonborn is not a Vampire, drinking the Redwater Skooma inside the den will make them faint, and they will wake up inside a cell.

Where is the Bloodstone Den in Skyrim?

This location is available only if you have the Dawnguard DLC expansion pack. is located in southeastern Skyrim and leads to Redwater Spring, a mandatory area for the quest The Bloodstone Chalice. The den is occupied by Skooma junkies and lawless lowlifes of the bloodsucking type.