Where does Tim Cappello live?

Silver Lake, New York, U.S.

How old is Tim Cappello?

66 years (May 3, 1955)
Tim Cappello/Age

Who is the guy playing the saxophone in Lost Boys?

TIM CAPPELLO Tim is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and vocalist. He is primarily known for his saxophone work supporting Tina Turner in the 1980’s & 90’s, as well as for his musical performance in the 1987 vampire film The Lost Boys.

What was the band that played in the Lost Boys?

Bands & performers heard in the film The Lost Boys

1 1.Tim Capello “I Still Believe”
10 10.The Rascals “Groovin'”
11 11.Run-D.M.C. “Walk This Way”
“Walk This Way”

How old was Tina Turner when she met Ike?

When she was 16 she moved to St. Louis, Missouri where in 1956 she met Ike Turner in 1956 and started performing with his band Kings of Rhythm.

What was the name of the saxophone player in the band Bud Not Buddy?

Steady Eddie
The saxophone player in Herman E. Calloway’s band, The Nubian Knights of the New Deal, Steady Eddie is a good natured and kind-hearted character. Steady Eddie is like the big brother Bud never had.

Who played sax on simply the best?

Mel Collins

Artist Credit
Mike Chapman Composer
Nicky Chinn Composer
Alan Clark Keyboards
Mel Collins Saxophone

Is Tim Cappello in Lost Boys 2?

If they can come up with something, I’m there.” Intriguingly, the Sax Man did return in the 2008 direct-to-video sequel, Lost Boys: The Tribe. However, he wasn’t played by Cappello and became more of a punchline, being portrayed as an overweight street performer playing for change.

Where was the Lost Boys filmed?

Santa Cruz County
Filmed almost entirely around Santa Cruz County, The Lost Boys starred Patric, Haim, and Kiefer Sutherland, years before they became household names, and unfolded around the beaches, boardwalks, and bridges of Santa Cruz.

Who is Tina Turner husband?

Erwin Bachm. 2013
Ike Turnerm. 1962–1978
Tina Turner/Husband

Did Tina Turner ever remarry?

Tina Turner found love again later in life! The “Something Beautiful Remains” singer married her second spouse, Erwin Bach, in 2013.