Where does Doug Walker live?

Walker majored in Communications at Northern Illinois University. He lives in Chicago with his wife, Robin Poage, whom he married in 2012, and their two cats, Chaplin (a rescued tuxedo cat named after Charlie Chaplin), and Buster (a smaller orange cat named after Buster Keaton that they adopted in 2020).

Why did Lindsay Ellis leave Channel Awesome?

From 2008 to 2014, while also studying for her MFA, Ellis was selected to host The Nostalgia Chick as part of the Channel Awesome production company, a web series based on the Nostalgia Critic. She went on to create over 100 videos as part of the series before leaving in 2014 to focus more on long-form video essays.

How old is Doug Walker?

40 years (November 17, 1981)Doug Walker / Age

Did Doug Walker go to college?

Doug Walker was born in Naples, Italy; and because his father was in the Navy, lived in many different places across the United States when he was growing up. He went on to study film at Northern Illinois University, majoring in communications.

Did Todd in the Shadows leave Channel Awesome?

On March 22nd, 2018, Todd announced on Twitter that he parted ways with Channel Awesome. He will continue to make reviews on his YouTube channel.

What did nostalgia critic do?

The Nostalgia Critic is a YouTube personality who reviews movies that are meant to be in some way nostalgic and some not so nostalgic movies from time to time because of overwhelming fan requests but at its heart this fun goofy over the top movie critic watches the movies we love to hate and hate to love and points out …

Who is Doug Walker’s brother?

Rob WalkerDoug Walker / Brother
Rob Walker: Rob is Doug’s real-life older brother who appears in most of the Critic’s videos as “The Other Guy” as well as different minor and major characters, notably Santa Christ.

What happened to Rachel Tietz?

Rachel Tietz is a stage and film actor. Rachel got her start playing Rebecca Ston√© on Doug and Rob Walker’s series Demo Reel. Following the end of Demo Reel, she became a permanent cast member of The Nostalgia Critic. In 2014, Rachel departed TGWTG after moving to California to pursue future acting opportunities.

Where is ThatGuyWithTheGlasses based?

Based in Chicago, IL, USA, the site has grown into one of the largest communities on the Internet. ThatGuyWithTheGlasses first made his appearance on the website YouTube. It was here that he began his 5 Second Movies and the beginnings of The Nostalgia Critic.

What is that guy with the glasses?

Channel Awesome, originally known as That Guy with the Glasses, is a comedy website primarily featuring the work of Douglas “Doug” Darien Walker, a former freelance cartoonist who resides in Illinois.

What does TGWTG stand for?

The Current Layout! TGWTG.com is the shorthand name for ThatGuyWithTheGlasses.com. It’s part of the greater Channel Awesome company with the following people in charge:

Why did ma-ti change his name to giggles?

Ma-Ti is equipped with a Wembley Fraggle puppet, whom Bhargav refers to as Giggles. Walker brought the re-naming up in his commentary for the video, jesting that the name change was to avoid legal problems with Henson. To start off “Sequel Month” (January 2011), the Critic reviewed The Neverending Story III.