Where do Oak Leaf butterflies live?

Tropical Asia
The Dead Leaf Butterfly, aka Kallima inachus or the orange oakleaf butterfly, lives in Tropical Asia, like India, Thailand, Vietnam, and Japan. They feed on sap, over-ripe fruit, and nutrients found in puddles (this is called mud-puddling).

Where do butterflies leaves hide?

The Indian leaf butterfly lives in the tropical rain forests in Asia, found in countries such as India, New Guinea and China. The rain forests provide a constant stream of food and places to hide.

Which is India’s national butterfly?

Krishna Peacock (Papilio krishna): One of the most beautiful, large and exceedingly charismatic swallowtail butterflies in the world.

How do butterflies look like leaves?

Kallima butterflies gradually evolved the distinctive look of dead, veiny leaves, study claims. The secret of how butterflies came to look like leaves may have been revealed—fittingly, by an insect that gave wings to Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. (See “Photos: Masters of Disguise-Amazing Insect Camouflage.”)

How long do leaf butterflies live?

An average butterfly species has an adult life span of two weeks or less. For example one butterfly studied in Costa Rica had a life expectancy of about two days, and live ten days at the most. No adult butterfly can live more than a year.

Do adult butterflies eat solid food?

Butterflies actually do eat, but they do not eat solid food. They feed only on liquids. So literally, they nourish themselves from drinking water and nectar from flowers.

What does kallima inachus a butterfly resemble when its wings are closed?

Kallima inachus, the orange oakleaf, Indian oakleaf or dead leaf, is a nymphalid butterfly found in Tropical Asia from India to Japan. With wings closed, it closely resembles a dry leaf with dark veins and is a commonly cited example of camouflage.

What Colour is a brimstone butterfly?

The brimstone is a large butterfly with a greyish body and characteristically veiny and pointed wings. Males are lemon-yellow, while females are greenish-white with orange spots in the middle of each wing.

What is the scientific name of Kallima inachus?

Kallima inachus. Kallima inachus, the orange oakleaf, Indian oakleaf or dead leaf, is a nymphalid butterfly found in Tropical Asia from India to Japan.

What is a Kallima paralekta?

Kallima paralekta, male showing the brilliant colors of the upper surfaces of the wings. Kallima, known as the oakleaf or oak leaf butterflies, is a genus of butterflies of the subfamily Nymphalinae in the family Nymphalidae. They are found in east, south and southeast Asia.

What does Kallima mean?

Kallima inachus, Manas, Assam, India © Adrian Hoskins Introduction The Indo-Australian genera Doleschalliaand Kallima, and the African genera Kamilla, Mallikaand Kallimoidesare often known as Dead Leaf or Oakleaf butterflies.

How many generations does the Kallima inachus have per year?

The Kallima Inachus has two generations per year. One in the wet season and one in the dry. In each season the butterfly’s underside leafy pattern and size seem to change (in the wet season the Orange oakleaf has a smaller size and a darker coloration).