What vaccines are required for chickens?

Conventional poultry are usually vaccinated against a variety of diseases including Marek’s disease, Newcastle disease, infectious bronchitis, Infectious laryngotracheitis, fowl pox, and fowl cholera. Since these diseases can also infect organic poultry, a routine vaccination program is recommended.

When Should Newcastle vaccine be given?

These Newcastle Disease Vaccines are recommended for the vaccination of healthy chickens 2 weeks of age or older.

What is LaSota vaccine used for?

Live Newcastle disease virus, B1 Type, LaSota Strain Newcastle Lasota is a monovalent live virus vaccine for the immunization of chickens against Newcastle disease.

How do you use r2b vaccine?

  1. Intramuscular Method. Rehydrate the vaccine with the diluent provided. Using a 20 gauge, ½ inch needle inject 0.5 ml of the vaccine in the breast muscle or leg muscle region.
  2. Subcutaneous Method. Rehydrate the vaccine with the diluent provided.

Do my chickens need vaccinating?

For the small flock owner, vaccination is generally necessary only if the birds have had disease problems in the past, may possibly be exposed to other birds (eg, at poultry shows, meat swaps, or wild bird access), or if new birds are introduced to the flock (open flock).

When do you give Gumboro vaccine?

Dissolve 1 000 doses in as many litres of water as the age of the chickens in days, to a maximum of 40 litres. The vaccine should be given in the early morning as this is the main drinking period, as well as the cooler period of the day.

How do you treat Newcastle disease in chickens?

There is no specific treatment for Newcastle disease. Antibiotics can be given for three to five days to prevent secondary bacterial infections (antibiotics do not affect viruses). Increasing the brooding temperature for chicks by 5°F may help reduce losses.

How do you use IB LaSota vaccine?

Dosage and Usage : Primary vaccination should be carried out by eye drops as from 4 days. Booster vaccination is recommended 3-4 weeks later through drinking water. For pullet, a second vaccination is recommended at age 10-12 weeks.

How do you give a chicken Rd vaccine?

Take the vaccine product in sterile prescribed vaccine-dropper and instill one drop in eye or nostril. Ensure that the vaccine drop is completely absorbed in the nostril or in the eye. In Nasal Instillation method the vaccine drop is inhaled by the chick on momentary pressing of the beak.