What type of government is in Maharashtra?

The government of Maharashtra is conducted within a framework of parliamentary government, with a bicameral legislature consisting of the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly and the Maharashtra Legislative Council.

Who is ruling Maharashtra government?

Chief Minister, Government of Maharashtra. The 29th Chief Minister of Maharashtra State, Shri Uddhav Thackeray is the current Chief of Shiv Sena. He is the son of Shiv Sena founder, late Shri Balasaheb and Meenatai Thackeray.

How many government departments are there in Maharashtra?

List of Government departments in Maharashtra

Name of the State Maharashtra
Capital Mumbai
Number Districts 36
Governor Chennamaneni Vidyasagar Rao
Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis

Is Shiv Sena supporting BJP?

But in February 2019, BJP and Shiv Sena again announced alliance for the general elections as well as the 2019 Maharashtra Legislative Assembly election. The election saw Shiv Sena lose votes and subsequently declined to support the BJP in forming a government over the BJP’s refusal to engage in power-sharing.

What type of government is Mumbai?


Mumbai Bombay
Named for Mumbadevi
• Type Municipal Corporation
• Body Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation

Which party is in power in Maharashtra?

Elected Chief Minister The 2019 Maharashtra Legislative Assembly election was held on 21 October 2019 to elect all 288 members of the state’s Legislative Assembly. After a 61.4% turnout in the election, the ruling National Democratic Alliance (NDA) of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Shiv Sena (SHS) won a majority.

Which is the capital of Maharashtra?


What is India’s type of government?

Parliamentary system
Federal republicParliamentary republicConstitutional republic