What song is used in the Lloyds Bank advert?

The music playing in this Lloyds Bank advert is a new cover of the song ‘We’ve Only Just Begun’ that was originally released in 1970 by Californian vocal duo, The Carpenters.

Who sang the Lloyds advert song?

Soundtrack and singer details for Lloyds brand new ‘By Your Side’ YouTube and TV ad campaign. Artist/Singer: Hannah Grace. Song Title: Praise You (Fatboy Slim/Camille Yarbrough cover).

Who sings you’re not alone in the Lloyds Bank advert?

Song: You’re Not Alone. Singer: Astraea (Jennifer Ann). Download or stream from: Apple Music, iTunes & Amazon. View other Lloyds Bank TV Ad Songs pages.

What advert is Birdy wings on?

In 2015, it was also used as the soundtrack of the Lloyds Horse Story 250 year anniversary advert, resulting in its return to the UK Singles Chart, reaching a new peak of number 8.

Who sings the Lloyds advert 2019?

Who sings the music in the new Lloyds Bank advert? The song in the Lloyds Bank 2019 advert is called “Look After You” by American singer-songwriter Aron Wright.

Who are the actors in the Lloyds Bank advert?

Lloyds Bank

  • Cia Allan. Voice Over: English. 2022, Lloyds Bank Anti-Fraud Video, Voiceover.
  • Tanya Chainey. Voice Over: English. 2021, Lloyds Bank VO Project, Employee.
  • Lea Ratcliffe. Voice Over: English.
  • Rav Moore. Actor.
  • Lorraine Cairney. Voice Over: Scottish.
  • Christof King. Actor.
  • Jack Tyson. Actor.
  • Gabriella Margulies. Actor.

Who is the actor in the new Lloyds Bank advert?

Michael Gamble, Actor, London.

Who is in the Lloyds Bank advert?

Lloyds Bank advert divides viewers as it features cover of Karen Carpenter classic.

Who is the man in the Lloyds Bank advert 2020?

Who sang the song Wings?


When was Wings by Little Mix released?


Who is the actor in the Lloyds Bank advert 2020?

What is the Lloyds Bank advert music for 2019?

The Lloyds Bank advert music chosen for this 2019 campaign is a song called ‘Look After You’ that was released a couple of years ago by American singer Aron Wright.

What does the Lloyds 250th anniversary advert mean?

Lloyds Bank are celebrating their 250th anniversary with this new advert. It features their iconic black horse. The advert sends the message that the bank has been by its customers’ sides through the good times and the bad. The music in the Lloyds 250 Year Anniversary Advert Music: Wings

Where was the Lloyds Bank advert filmed?

Be they fishermen setting sail, people and a dog braving the cold to go wild water swimming, or runners on a windy beach, the bank’s black horse appears by all of their sides. Lloyds Advert Filming Location: Anglesey. Advert Music: We’ve Only Just Begun (The Carpenters cover). Singer: Bat For Lashes.

What is the name of the horse on the Lloyds advert?

Lloyds Bank 2020 Advert Music – We’ve Only Just Begun The new 2020 Lloyds Bank advert has arrived which again features the iconic Black Horse. The advert continues the ‘By Your Side’ journey showing fishermen on their boats in an atmospheric morning light who notice the horse on the harbourside.