What is top swing front derailleur?

Low clamp (aka top swing) It mounts low down to a round seat tube with a band clamp. As the clamp sits low on the frame (near the bottom bracket junction) and the derailleur itself pivots above it, these are commonly also known as a ‘top swing’ front derailleur.

What is top swing and down swing front derailleur?

An easy way to tell the difference, a bottom (down) swing derailleur has the clamp above the derailleur. This is often referred to as a traditional derailleur as all derailleurs were this way at one time. A top (up) swing has the clamp below the derailleur. Both examples you pointed out are indeed down (bottom) swing.

What is the difference between top pull and bottom pull derailleur?

Traditional front derailers are “bottom-pull”, operated by a cable running up from the bottom bracket area to the derailer. “Top-pull” derailers are operated by a cable running down from above.

Are SRAM and Shimano front derailleurs compatible?

Yes, you can mix Shimano and SRAM front derailleurs and shifters. It’s the rear derailleur that is not cross compatible, with the exception that SRAM has made ‘Attack’ shifters that will work with the Shimano rear derailleurs.

Can I use a 10 speed front derailleur on a 9 speed?

Because the 9 speed cassettes width is the same as the 10 speed,and the width of the chain coupled with the distance between the front mech plates has been designed to work together,you wont experience excess rubbing in the extremes.

How do I choose a new front derailleur?

Shop Tip- How to Select A Front Derailleur

  1. Clamp Diameter or Interface. Front derailleurs can be mounted to a bicycle frame using one of three basic methods.
  2. Compatibility With Your Crankset. Front derailleurs are made to either work with double or triple chainring sets.
  3. Cable Pull Direction.

Can I use SRAM front derailleur with Shimano shifter?