What is the toll road around Orlando?

The Seminole Expressway is State Road 417 is a 55-mile toll road operated by CFX and Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise in the Orlando region that runs from north to south. It extends from the Seminole County line to Interstate 4 in Sandford.

Where does Florida Turnpike begin?

It starts from U.S. Route 1 in Florida City, running through Miami, Fort Lauderdale. At West Palm Beach, it runs parallel to Interstate 95, and then in Orlando, it crosses Interstate 4, to its northern end at Interstate 75 near Wildwood. The Turnpike itself has two sections.

How far north does Florida Turnpike go?

approximately 309 miles
Spanning approximately 309 miles (497 km) along a northwest–southeast axis, the turnpike is in two sections. The SR 91 mainline runs roughly 265 miles (426 km), from its southern terminus at an interchange with Interstate 95 (I-95) in Miami Gardens to an interchange with I-75 in Wildwood at its northern terminus.

Where does Florida Turnpike meet I 95?

There’s a point in northern Palm Beach County where Interstate 95 and Florida’s Turnpike run right along side each other. In Jupiter, they are a mere 1/4 of a mile apart, giving drivers the rare opportunity to quickly switch between the two highways at Indiantown Road where each highway has an interchange.

How do I avoid tolls in Orlando?

The best way to avoid the toll roads is by using a GPS System and use the ‘avoid toll road’ feature. We do not recommend going off the main (toll) routes however, just to avoid paying a few dollars!

How do I avoid tolls in Florida?

4 Tips to Avoid Road Tolls This Summer

  1. Be mindful of cashless toll roads.
  2. Get the most cost-effective EZ-Pass account.
  3. Choose your rental car company and options carefully.
  4. Bring your own EZ-Pass when renting.
  5. Skip road tolls all together.

How long is Florida’s Turnpike?

264.7 miFlorida’s Turnpike / Length

Is Florida Turnpike free?

Tolls are user fees, not taxes, meaning only those who use Florida’s Turnpike System pay the tolls. Customers who use Florida’s Turnpike System are charged based on the numbers of axles on the vehicles they drive and the distances they travel.

Does Ipass work in Florida?

Things just got brighter for I-PASS customers heading down to Florida: I-PASS is now accepted on all toll roads in the Sunshine State. The addition of Florida toll roads to the E-ZPass network makes paying tolls more convenient for I-PASS customers driving east and south.

Why is it called I-95?

Thus, for example, the name I-95 was reserved for the farthest east major national cross-country interstate that traverses a north-south route. Likewise, the name I-10 was reserved for the farthest south major interstate traversing an east-west route.

Does Orlando have toll by plate?

Pay By Plate toll rates are double the electronic rate. To save on tolls, getting an E-PASS is recommended. The best part: E-PASS Sticker is FREE and you can choose to reload with cash. By phone using a credit/debit card: 1-800-353-7277 or 407-823-7277.