What is the secret achievement in Metro 2033 Redux?

Enlightened is a hidden achievement in Metro 2033 and regular achievement/hidden trophy in Metro 2033 Redux, that can be obtained at the end of the game.

How do you get the enlightened trophy in Metro 2033?

How to unlock the Enlightened trophy. This trophy can be obtained by getting enough “Moral Points” in the game. You will notice that your screen flashes when you get a Moral Point (or if you lose one). Try to get as many as possible – you don’t need them all.

Does Metro exodus have difficulty achievements?

Yes, Metro Exodus does, in fact, have a trophy and achievement for completing the game on a certain difficulty. In order to get this trophy or achievement, you will need to complete the game on the “Ranger Hardcore” difficulty.

Where is the radio tower in Metro 2033?

Your compass will point towards a building with a ladder on its side. Below the ladder is an excavator that you need to climb. From there you can go up the ladder to reach the rooftop. The radio tower is on the rooftop, it looks like a wooden shed with a satellite on top.

What happened to Artyom?

In the third game of the series, set in 2035, Artyom is once again the protagonist and player character. He is now 26 or 27 years old; after the events of Metro: Last Light and Metro 2035, he leaves the Moscow Metro with his wife Anna and several Spartan Rangers (including Stepan from Metro 2035).

Can you quick save on Ranger Hardcore Metro Exodus?

Quick save is not available on Ranger Hardcore, but checkpoints are the same, there’s no permadeath/restart level elements if you die.

How many achievements does Metro 2033 Redux have?

With forty-nine achievements to tackle, Metro 2033 Redux encourages players to test out the game’s two new modes, snag all the hidden collectibles, and face off against all the nastiest mutants in Moscow. This remastered title is perfect for anyone who is looking for a tense, immersive, and challenging first person shooter.

Can I play Metro Last Light Redux on normal difficulty?

With two solid playthroughs of the Campaign and a couple of jabs at the integrated DLC Packs, Metro: Last Light Redux will prove to be a manageable and satisfying completion. Go ahead and start your first playthrough of the game on a Normal difficulty setting.

What is Artyom’s Destiny?

The story is set in a post-apocalyptic Russia, where what’s left of humanity has receded into the metro stations to protect themselves from the unforgiving radiation and wildlife of the aboveground. You play as Artyom, a ranger who wanders out of his base to fulfill a promise he made, but has a much greater destiny than he realizes.