What is the most expensive orchid ever sold?

Shenzhen Nongke Orchid
The most expensive flower ever sold is the Shenzhen Nongke Orchid, which was bought at auction in 2005 for $290,000. It was developed by Chinese agricultural scientists at Shenzhen Nongke University, which is where it gets its name.

What Colour orchids are rare?

Blue. The rarest of the orchids and that most difficult to attain, therefore said to embody rarity, is the simply beautiful, blue orchid. As these flowers are difficult to find, you may often see blue orchids which contain dye to maintain their striking colour.

Is there really a blood orchid?

Blood orchids are a type of Orchid that’s part of the Orchidaceae family. It has flowers in various shades, from deep pink to blood-red or even brownish-red.

How much is a ghost orchid worth?

The orchid took eight years to develop and in 2005, it was sold at auction to an anonymous bidder for a shocking 1.68 million Yuan (around $202,000), making it the most expensive flower ever bought.

How much is a Rothschild orchid?

It is easy to understand why the Gold of Kinabalu orchid, above, is considered the world’s most expensive flower, at $6,000 a stem. Also called the Rothschild slipper orchid, it is not only exquisitely beautiful, but flowers extravagantly, with up to six flowers a stem and has a lovely scent.

Do blue orchids exist?

There are a few wild blue orchids, but they are rare, sometimes endangered, are more closely pale blue, purplish and pinkish. In nature, blue is not a usual bloom or foliage color. A few familiar blue plants are hydrangea (if soil is correct), amsonia, salvia, gentian and delphinium, but not roses or orchids.

Are green orchids rare?

Although most commonly cultivated genera have green species, they are certainly not common. Below we present a sampling of favorite green orchids. Try a few, they are certain to make your fellow growers green with envy!

What is the rarest type of orchid?

10 of the Rarest Orchids in the World

  1. Western Underground Orchid. The Western Underground Orchid is so rare that scientists believe there are fewer than 50 plants in the world.
  2. Western Prairie Fringed Orchid.
  3. Ghost Orchid.
  4. Rothschild’s Orchid.
  5. Shenzhen Nongke Orchid.
  6. Hawaii Bog Orchid.
  7. Coleman’s Coral Root.
  8. Dragon’s Mouth.

Why is orchid so expensive?

However, certain orchids only grow in certain areas, making them difficult to find and also difficult (and expensive) to transport. Many of the orchids are rare, gorgeous, and can last up to 100 years, making them very high-quality flowers.

Is it legal to own a ghost orchid?

Owning a full-grown ghost orchid is extremely rare, and the only way to legally own a mature ghost orchid is to grow it from a seedling. Seedlings are available to purchase if you want to try your hand at growing them, but be warned that they’re difficult to come by.

What’s the rarest plant in the world?

10 Rare Plants List in the World

  1. Rafflesia Arnoldii. Known to be the world’s largest flower, this plant is one of the rarest one in the world.
  2. Encephalartos Woodii.
  3. Nepenthes Tenax.
  4. Welwitschia.
  5. Pennantia Baylisiana.
  6. Amorphophallus Titanum (Titan Arum)
  7. Ghost Orchid.
  8. Dragon’s Blood Tree.

When do orchid flowers fall off?

July 21, 2016. When an orchid is finished blooming, its blooms will wilt and fall off before it enters into a resting period. Resting is a normal part of the Phalaenopsis orchid lifecycle in which your plant is storing up energy to rebloom.

Is an orchid a flower?

There are always three sepals in an orchid flower except certain slipper orchids (such as Paphiopedilums) that have an overgrown dorsal (top) sepal and fused lateral (side) sepals. The sepals of an orchid are unique in that they mimic the petals. An orchid has three petals, the bottom petal forms the orchid’s lip.

What is an orchid plant?

The definition of an orchid is a blooming plant with waxy leaves, or the flower of the plant used as a floral decoration. An example of an orchid is the yellow bloom known as a Dancing Lady orchid.