What is the most affordable hardwood flooring?

Bamboo Flooring Bamboo has become one of the most popular choices for flooring because of its price and durability. This option is not only cheaper than hardwood, it’s tough and can withstand a lot of abuse.

How do you rustic hardwood floors?

To enhance the Rustic look you should always choose wide planks, look for woods with plenty of character marks – distinct grains, wormholes and knots – and consider either washed out, matte tones that make it look more weathered (like the gorgeous Vintage French Oak floor from Signature Hardwoods shown above) or deep …

What is rustic wood flooring?

Rustic flooring, or antique flooring, is a wooden floor that has an aged and worn appearance. Rustic floors can be created by using timbers salvaged from centuries old buildings, or by using techniques that distress new floorboards to give them an aged appearance.

What is an alternative to hardwood floors?

5 Alternatives to Traditional Hardwood Floors

  • Cork Flooring. An increasingly popular choice for home renovations is cork flooring, a completely renewable alternative that is available in both tiles and planks.
  • Vinyl or Laminate.
  • Ceramic Tile Floors.
  • Bamboo Floors.
  • Carpet Tiles.

What does rustic flooring look like?

Rustic style features natural materials like wood and stone, or engineered materials designed to mimic those looks. With this rugged style, the flooring showcases natural details that enhance the beauty of your space. Wood and wood-look floors have knots, scrapes, and color variations.

Is distressed hardwood in style?

The right look. Traditionally, distressed hardwood flooring usually fits in homes with more rustic, country-inspired design styles. More recently though, distressed hardwood floors, particularly handscraped options, are being used in more elegant, contemporary spaces.

What is rustic grade oak?

Defined as a heavy character grade, Rustic grade solid oak flooring is for those wanting a more unrefined nature to their oak flooring. Rustic grade oak flooring can include open knots with burring, cracks, shakes, end splits and small holes.

What is cabin grade hardwood?

Cabin grade flooring is considered the lowest of all the hardwood flooring grades and includes the pieces that did not make the cut to be a higher grade. It is also commonly referred to as shop grade, rustic grade or tavern grade flooring because of its rustic characteristics.