What is the meaning of PGCE?

The Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) This is a professional teaching qualification aimed at graduates interested in teaching as a career. The Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) This is a professional teaching qualification aimed at graduates interested in teaching as a career.

What are PGCE students?

PGCE stands for Postgraduate Certificate in Education. This is a popular higher education course in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. It provides training to graduates looking to become teachers in maintained schools.

What level of study is a PGCE?

level 7
What level is a PGCE? A PGCE is a 60 credit postgraduate qualification studied at level 7. These credits are earned at Master’s level, and can later be transferred to a Master’s of Education if students choose.

Why do a PGCE?

Offered in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, PGCEs are designed to enhance and increase academic training, preparing students for life as a teacher. Usually taking one academic year to complete full time, and two years part time, securing a place on certain PGCE courses can be incredibly competitive.

What qualifications do I need to be a drama teacher?

To become a secondary school teacher of drama, you must have a degree (SCQF Level 9-10) in drama or theatre studies plus a Professional Graduate Diploma (SCQF Level 11) in Education (PGDE). For entry to a suitable degree course you normally need 4-5 Highers plus a successful audition.

Can I get a PGCE online?

Online PGCEs can be studied at most or the majority of universities and can be taken either as a full time option or, in a smaller number of cases, as a flexible part time course. You can take a variety of different PGCE courses through Distance Learning on a flexible basis.

Can I do a Masters after a PGCE?

Many PGCEs allow you to gain up to 60 credits at Masters level, which can then count towards a full Masters qualification once you’ve finished. You could put these credits towards a Masters in Education, for example.

Why choose PGCE secondary education with drama?

With our PGCE Secondary Education with Drama, you will address all aspects of teaching secondary drama, develop the skills and knowledge valued by employers, and benefit from our custom-built, first-class facilities. Read more

What is a PGCE and what does it stand for?

Well, let’s start with the basics – what does PGCE stand for? It’s a Postgraduate Certificate in Education. Though this may make it sounds like a normal postgraduate certificate, it’s really very different. In order to do a PGCE, you’ll need a degree.

Which subject should I choose for a PGCE?

The subject that your degree is in should ideally be the one you intend to teach, as a PGCE won’t teach you about your subject in detail, but rather, how to teach. If it’s merely linked, you may need to gain more experience by following something like a subject knowledge enhancement course. Therefore, you need to be confident in your knowledge

How long does it take to complete the PGCE?

As with many postgraduate courses, the PGCE is a year of full time commitment, or two years part time. It is possible to do parts of it online, but as the course involves learning to teach, you will obviously be required to do that in person.