What is the left handed products store?

Our left handed products store has biggest and most interesting selection of left-handed products, tools, scissors, kitchen items, school supplies, and gifts.

What does it mean to be left-handed?

But in general terms, a left-handed person is anyone who writes with their left hand. Writing is the best starting point to define your dominant side because it is the base line of coordination and fine motor skills. However, your writing hand doesn’t peg you down as one or the other.

What is the difference between left-handed and mixed-handedness?

Many left-handed people actually prefer to write with their right hand and vice versa. For example, PGA tour golfer Phil Mickelson is a left-handed player even though he writes with his right hand. Mixed-handedness, or cross-dominance, is when people tend to excel at various tasks using their share of both hands.

Is it possible to be left-handed and ambidexterity?

True ambidexterity is very rare. But many natural left-handers actually become almost ambidextrous through the course of their life, just because they live in a world geared heavily toward righties. As a result, many eventually learn to cope. But the journey to get there is long, stressful, and often wrought with dangerous accidents along the way.

Are there any celebrities that are left handed?

Another lefty to add to our left handed celebrities catalog. Adam Levine is left handed! This guy is amazing. I adore him on The Voice. He’s just so adorable and his cool personality just makes him even more adorable. Maroon… Another great left find. Iggy Azalea is left handed! How awesome is that.

What are the best T-shirts for left handed people?

Lefties Have The Right Moves Short-Sleeve Unisex T-Shirt. This makes for a great staple t-shirt. It’s made of a thicker, heavier cotton, but it’s If You’re Not Left Handed Something Isn’t Right Short-Sleeve Unisex T-Shirt. This makes for a great staple t-shirt. It’s made of a thicker, heavie…