What is the distance for electronic darts?

Quick Soft Tip Dart Measurements 5 feet 8 inches is the official distance the electronic dartboard should be mounted from. You should hang your electronic dartboard 5 feet 8 inches from the floor to the center of your electronic dartboard. 8 feet is the distance of the throwline.

What dart does Gary Anderson use?

Gary Anderson is currently using 24 gram Unicorn Phase 4 darts. The phase 4 darts are a pencil-thin dart with very thin razor cut grooves along the length of the barrel.

Can you finish on 25 darts?

In this, each player takes turns to throw 3 darts and is required to throw a dart in every segment starting from 1 up to 20 and then to finish with the 25 and bullseye. Players must start with 1 and cannot proceed to the next number until a dart has been successfully thrown at the current target segment.

What weight darts does Van Gerwen use?

The world’s number one ranked professional dart player, ‘Mighty’ Michael Van Gerwen uses 23 gram darts. His darts have a plain silver finish and have lots of ridges along the barrel for grip.

What darts does Jonny Clayton use?

Jonny Clayton
Home town Pontyberem, Wales
Darts information
Playing darts since 1995
Darts 21 Gram Red Dragon Signature

Are Unicorn darts any good?

These darts are pretty nice for the price, and they play pretty well. They are thin, and allow for pretty tight groupings. If they really are 90% tungsten, then they are a great deal, as you can generally expect to pay more for such darts. Again, a pretty good dart set for the price.

What happens if you go below 0 in darts?

If your points go below zero, it’s called a BUST, the round ends there. You must start again with 12 points in the next round. When the remaining points go below zero, it’s called a BUST. In case of a BUST, your round ends there even if you did not throw your 3 darts.

Does a Robin Hood in darts count?

A Robin Hood in darts does count as a throw but does not count for points. The reason is that in order for any dart to count for a score, the tip of the dart MUST come into contact with the dartboard, and must stay in the board.

Why are tungsten darts better?

Tungsten is an extremely dense metal, considerably more so than brass or nickel; this increased density allows more weight in a smaller (thinner) barrel, making close grouping easier while maintaining the weight and minimising bounce-outs. These high-density tungsten darts resist wear far better than brass or nickel.

Why do darts not fly straight?

Darts will land sideways in the board due to a bad release or having incorrect dart components. If you spin your darts or grip them too tightly on release then this will lead to the dart hitting the board at the incorrect angle while flights, stem length, and dart weight can also have an influence.