What is the difference between HydraFacial and SilkPeel?

The SilkPeel Dermalinfusion utilises medical-grade equipment that employs scientifically-formulated serums. The customisable diamond tip of the treatment ensures proper exfoliation, while the Hydrafacial focuses more on extraction.

Is a silk peel worth it?

Are You a Candidate for SilkPeel Dermalinfusion? If you need to hydrate dry skin or treat acne-prone skin, you could be a great candidate for this treatment. If received on a monthly basis, the SilkPeel even has the ability to diminish fine lines and wrinkles and lessen the appearance of sun spots.

Is HydraFacial worth the money?

This treatment can help you combat a host of skin-related problems, including dehydration, acne, and more. However, although HydraFacial treatment results can be quite magical, it is not an instant cure-for-all. But, even after only one treatment, you will see tremendous improvement in your skin.

How long does a silk peel last?

How long do results last? Regardless of condition being treated (hyperpigmentation, acne, stretch marks), ALL skin treated with Silk Peel is 70% more volumized for up to 72 hours following the procedure.

Which is better HydraFacial or diamond peel?

Final Results: DiamondGlow will leave skin feeling freshly exfoliated, deeply cleansed, smoother and brighter. Hydrafacial will plump and hydrate skin, leaving you with a noticeable, brighter glow.

How often should you get a HydraFacial?

The easy answer is that you can have HydraFacial CT treatments about once a month, or once every 4 weeks. This is the general frequency that is most compatible for most people and that can generate the best skin-boosting benefits.

What is a hydrafacial and how does it work?

Let’s take a closer look. The HydraFacial is a skin resurfacing treatment that cleanses, exfoliates, extracts, and hydrates the skin. With its patented Vortex tip, the device simultaneously removes dead skin cells and other impurities from the skin, while infusing the cells with serums that cleanse and moisturize.*

What is the silkpeel dermalinfusion?

The Vitamin-C serum which infuses the skin with a potent dose of vitamin-C which delivers powerful antioxidants as well as anti-aging and brightening benefits to the skin.* The SilkPeel Dermalinfusion uses individual prepackaged disposable treatment heads to ensure no cross-contamination between patients.

What serums can be used during the silkpeel treatment?

Unique to the SilkPeel, there are four different serums that can be used during the treatment, which are chosen by your Esthetician or Physician during your consultation. The Hydrating serum that delivers intensive hydration using Hyaluronic Acid.*