What is the best character Rotmg?

Knights are the single best all-around eventer in the realm, eminently capable of taking on all the event bosses and killing them whether solo or in a group. Their stun makes them the most versatile melee class, giving them both the ability to stop a large enemy from firing and to decimate small mobs.

What’s the best class Rotmg?

Best Class Strategies

  • Wizard.
  • Priest.
  • Rogue.
  • Warrior.
  • Archer.
  • Knight.
  • Necromancer.
  • Mystic.

Is Paladin the best class Rotmg?

The Paladin is one of the most useful classes in groups and teamwork, and plays a particularly big role in group healing and damage boosting. To unlock him, reach level 20 with Priest and Knight.

What does Bard do Rotmg?

Bard is one of the 17 player classes. Game Description: The bard uses his lute to inspire allies and enhance their combat capabilities.

Is Archer a good class in Rotmg?

The Archer is one of the few classes who are fairly effective unmaxed, who can still get soulbound damage in dungeon bosses and even large groups of gods. It is effective as a loner amongst a mob by sniping. The Archer is not as frail as robe classes, but it isn’t as defensive as heavy armor classes either.

What does Paladin do in Rotmg?

The Paladin can deal damage at close range, wear heavy armor, and heal himself and his allies. His ability, the Seal, confers a steady group heal (duration depends upon the teir), as well as a 50% attack boost. At level 20 the Trickster (with level 20 Assassin) is unlocked.

Is the Bard good in Rotmg?

It has less Dex and HP than the Trickster and higher damage (Dex, Att) than the Priest. Making it a good middle ground in terms of base damage and survivability for support, as well as giving a nice group buff in exchange for the damage from the other bow classes.

How do you unlock Samurai in Rotmg?


  1. Samurai is one of the 17 player classes.
  2. How to Unlock: Reach level 20 with Knight and Ninja.
  3. Technical Details: All values exclude bonuses from Exaltations and equipment.
  4. Technical Details: Assuming you have maxed all stats.

Is Coral Bow good?

The Coral Bow is the among the most widely-used bows, often considered a direct upgrade from the Bow of Covert Havens. This is due to its longer true range than tiered bows (5.71 tiles compared to 3.56 for tiered bows) as well as only slightly less DPS than the Covert when all shots hit.

Is deathless crossbow good?

This bow can be seen as an inferior Bow of the Void due to its 5% slower rate of fire and a 10% reduced damage per shot. However, this crossbow drops from a much easier boss. Like the aforementioned weapon, the crossbow has the same range as tiered daggers….Deathless Crossbow.

Tier ST
Rate of Fire 95%
XP Bonus 5%
Feed Power 900

How do you unlock the necromancer in Realm of the Mad God?

To unlock the Necromancer you must reach level 20 with the Priest and the Wizard. See his stat gains, caps, and averages here.

What is the best class to start with in rotmg?

Robe Classes. Wizard. The Wizard is the first class you’ll encounter when you start RotMG. He is a long-range, pure offensive class that plays the role of the glass cannon, designed for dealing maximum damage to a single target from medium to long range.

Who is the mystic in rotmg?

The Mystic is one of the more unusual of RotMG’s classes – a fast staff class with an ability that doesn’t directly impedes the enemy, but instead temporarily stops combat from occurring, as well as increasing damage inflicted to enemies over a large area and sometimes providing useful buffs to itself.

How do I beat the Big Boss in the colorful maze?

With 25 def rushing through the colorful maze is easy. Rush until you get to the large boss room and agro him onto you. Let him chase you around until he makes his box of pain. Stand between the 2 white bolts in the outer edge of the box and your range should hit him. Try to find a white tile to stand on so you can stand still at a safe distance.