What is the 100th episode of scandal?

The Decision
The Decision is the tenth episode of the sixth season of Scandal, and is the hundredth overall. This episode is centered around an alternate reality.

What happened in Season 3 of scandal?

The season focuses on Fitz’s re-election campaign for his second term, as well as, Olivia’s family problems after her father comes back into her life and she discovers that her mother (believed to be deceased for 20 years) is alive, which leads to Olivia Pope & Associates trying to find Olivia’s mother, Maya Lewis.

What episode of scandal is Olivia in the hospital?

Seven Fifty-Two
While Olivia is unconscious in the hospital, Fitz goes and stands by her bedside. Huck has a breakdown after being locked up. He then recalls how he became who he is and how he met Liv.

What does the white hat stands for?

1 : one who is admirable and honorable.

Where did the term white hats come from?

The terms come from old Western movies, where heroes often wore white hats and the bad guys wore black hats. White hat hackers only seek vulnerabilities or exploits when they are legally permitted to do so.

Do Olivia and Fitz get married?

About. For the 100th episode Scandal visited an alternate reality, in which Olivia Pope said “no” to rigging Fitz Grant’s election. In this reality, Fitz and Olivia got married shortly after the Presidential election.

Do Fitz and Olivia sleep together in season 6?

Olivia and Fitz celebrate his last night in the White House by having sex, despite that Fitz is not pleased that Olivia released Maya.

Was Olivia Pope pregnant in Season 3?

Although Washington has worked hard to keep her personal life very private, she did become pregnant during the filming of season three of Scandal, which put showrunners in a very interesting position.

What does 752 mean to Huck?

752 is the time Huck briefly met his son, five-years-ago; Javi is now eight-years-old. David Rosen does not appear at all in this episode.

How does Olivia end up in the hospital?

She was spending the night with Jake when she went to turn on the TV, and found his secret: that he’d been watching her. But Jake told her he couldn’t let her leave. After a brief struggle, Olivia fell and hit her head on a table.