What is Macrogols?

About macrogols Type of medicine Osmotic laxative and bowel cleansing sol Used for Constipation; to evacuate the bowel befo Also called For constipation: CosmoColĀ®; MovicolĀ®; L Available as Sachets of powder or oral liquid medicin

What is the difference between macrogol 3350 and bowel cleansing solutions?

Macrogols relieve constipation by drawing water into your bowel to soften your stools, making them easier to pass. Bowel cleansing solutions also contain macrogol ‘3350’ although they are not treatments for constipation. They are used to ensure that the bowel is free of solid contents before a bowel examination or surgical procedure.

What is the active ingredient in APO macrogol plus electrolytes?

The name of your medicine is APO-MACROGOL PLUS ELECTROLYTES. It contains the active ingredient macrogol and electrolytes sodium chloride, potassium chloride and sodium bicarbonate. works in faecal impaction (as diagnosed by your doctor).

What are the contraindications for macrogol?

This process is called PEGylation. Contraindications for macrogol taken orally as a laxative are intestinal perforation, bowel obstruction, ileus, inflammatory bowel diseases, and toxic megacolon. The doses of macrogol as an excipient are too low to have relevant contraindications.