What is LM6 Aluminium alloy?

LM6 : LM6 is a corrosion resistant aluminum casting alloy with average durability and strength, and with high impact strength and ductility. LM6 is difficult to machine due to the high silicon content. It is one of the most common alloys of aluminum for general-purpose use.

What is LM4 aluminium?

LM4 is a widely used general purpose alloy for most general engineering purposes. Both thick and thin casting sections can be formed from LM4 aluminium castings and it finds addition uses due to its castings pressure tightness. LM4 is used in both sand and die casting.

What is LM 24?

LM24 is essentially a pressure die casting aluminium alloy, for which it has excellent casting characteristics and is generally a little simpler to die cast than the high Silicon containing aluminium alloys.

What is LM16?

LM16 alloy is used for water-cooled cylinder heads, valve bodies, water jackets, cylinder blocks, fire hose couplings, air compressor pistons, fuel pump bodies, aircraft supercharger covers and similar applications where leak-proof castings having the high strength produced by heat treatment are required.

What is lm material?

LM bearings are made from machined bronze semicast material. Alloy is Rg7 (CC493K, red bronze). The bearing are produced in acc. LM is simply a quality universal bearing that works for a variety of bearing applications.

What is LM4 casting alloy made of?

between aluminium silicon and aluminium – copper alloys.

What is ADC 12?

ADC12 is an alloy used in creating die-casting components. Also known as A383, this aluminum material is cost-efficient and facilitates manufacturing processes. It is the most widely-used choice of metal for many die-castings produced internationally.

Which Aluminium alloy is useful for manufacturing of piston LM?

As a material for such a piston, an Al (aluminium) alloy containing Si (silicon) is widely used.

What is the full form LM?

The Full form of LM is Lunar Moudle, or LM stands for Lunar Moudle, or the full name of given abbreviation is Lunar Moudle.

What is LM6 alloy?

The ductility of LM6 alloy enables castings easily to be rectified or even modified in shape, e.g., simple components may be cast straight and later bent to the required contour. Equally adaptable for sand and permanent mould castings and for die castings.

What is the chemical composition of 1490 LM6 alloy?

LM6 ALUMINIUM-SILICON CASTING ALLOY (A1—Si12) Colour Code—YELLOW This alloy conforms to British Standard 1490 LM6. Chemical Composition. % Copper 0.1 max Magnesium 0.10 max Silicon 10.0-13.0 Iron 0.6 max Manganese 0.5 max Nickel 0.1 max Zinc 0.1 max Lead 0.1 max Tin 0.05 max Titanium 0.2 max Aluminium Remainder.

What is the corrosion resistance of aluminium LM6?

Aluminium LM6 exhibits excellent resistance to corrosion under both ordinary atmospheric and marine conditions. For the severest conditions, this property can be further enhanced by anodic treatment.

What are the application and general notes for aluminium LM6?

Application and General notes. Having high resistance to corrosion and excellent castability, aluminium LM6 is suitable for most marine ‘on deck’ castings, water-cooled manifolds and jackets, motor car and road transport fittings, thin section and intricate castings such as motor housings, meter cases and switch boxes,…