What is IRS business code 541510?

Use code 541510- Computer systems design & related services.

What is NAICS code 54151s?

NAICS Code 54151 is usually the business code for companies in the computer systems design industry, such as companies that design software and applications or assist in the on-site management of computer systems or data-processing facilities.

What is NAICS code 541519?

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in providing computer related services (except custom programming, systems integration design, and facilities management services). Establishments providing computer disaster recovery services or software installation services are included in this industry.

What is NAICS code 541512?

NAICS Code: 541512 Computer Systems Design Services | NAICS Association.

What is the Naics code for Web design?

541511 Web (Internet) Page Design Services. 541512 Computer Systems Design Services.

What is the size standard for Naics code 541519?

Presently, the size standard for NAICS 541519 and other industries in NAICS Industry Group 5415, Computer Systems Design and Related Services, is $27.5 million in average annual receipts.

What is Naics code 541990?

NAICS Code: 541990 All Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services | NAICS Association.

What is Naics code 611430?

611430 – Professional and Management Development Training.

Does every company have NAICS code?

Each and every company will have a primary NAICS code. This number indicates a company’s primary line of business. What determines a company’s primary NAICS code is the code definition that generates the highest revenue for that company at a specific location in the past year.

What is the difference between NAICS codes and SIC codes?

Additionally, NAICS codes are based on stable, economic models, while SIC codes are not. Therefore, with NAICS codes, establishments that use the same or similar processes to produce goods or services are grouped together. Industries under the SIC codes were grouped together based on either demand or production.

What is NAICS code 561510?

Definition of NAICS Code 561510: This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in acting as agents in selling travel, tour, and accommodation services to the general public and commercial clients.

How many NAICS codes are there?

NAICS codes array the economy into 20 sectors, which are separated into 99 3-digit subsectors, which are divided into 311 4-digit industry groups, which are further subdivided into 709 5-digit industries, and finally disaggregated into 1057 6-digit U.S. industries. Each and every company will have a primary NAICS code.