What is intranasal oxytocin used for?

Owing to early reports of the beneficial effects of intranasal oxytocin on social cognition, it has been nominated as a promising pharmacological agent for the treatment of psychiatric disorders characterized by social and/or emotional dysregulations [29], such as autism [30], borderline personality disorder [31], post …

Is oxytocin used for depression?

Several studies have demonstrated the neuromodulating function of oxytocin (OT) in response to anxiogenic stimuli as well as its potential role in the pathogenesis of depression. Consequently, intranasal OT (IN-OT) has been proposed as a potential treatment of anxiety and depressive disorders.

How long does oxytocin nasal spray take to work?

Single intranasal administration of the hormone has been reported to have positive behavioral effects, such as increasing trust or facilitating social approach, 45-80 min after administration.

How does oxytocin reach the brain?

In our recent Communications Biology article, we reported that oxytocin is transported from the peripheral blood into the brain by the receptor for advanced glycation end-products (RAGE) in endothelial cells at the blood−brain barrier.

What is the indication of oxytocin?

It is indicated for (1) induction of labor in patients with a medical indication for the initiation of labor, such as Rh problems, maternal diabetes, preeclampsia at or near term, when delivery is in the best interests of mother and fetus or when membranes are prematurely ruptured and delivery is indicated; (2) …

What hormone is released during anxiety?

For some anxious people, their moods may be caused by an abundance of stress hormones — most notably, adrenaline and cortisol. These hormones tell our bodies there’s something scary on the horizon, and we need to run away.

Is oxytocin nasal spray legal?

It’s available by prescription under the brand names Pitocin and Syntocinon. Nasal sprays are commonly used in medical studies of psychiatric effects, because a nasal spray allows oxytocin to travel more readily from the bloodstream to the brain than an injection.

What is the oxytocin precursor?

The oxytocin peptide is synthesized as an inactive precursor protein from the OXT gene. This precursor protein also includes the oxytocin carrier protein neurophysin I. The inactive precursor protein is progressively hydrolyzed into smaller fragments (one of which is neurophysin I) via a series of enzymes.

What secretes oxytocin and antidiuretic hormone?

The Posterior Pituitary. The posterior pituitary secretes two important endocrine hormones—oxytocin and antidiuretic hormone.

Can intranasal oxytocin delivery improve social behavior in humans?

Despite striking effects on animal social behavior after intracerebroventricular drug delivery, this delivery mode is impractical in humans. Intranasal oxytocin delivery provides a noninvasive alternative to increase central oxytocin activity, and has shown promise as a treatment for psychiatric illnesses.

How much oxytocin should I take for intranasal use?

Oxytocin has been clinically studied for intranasal use at doses ranging from 24-32IU daily. Many physicians also prescribe oxytocin 50IU SL tabs to be used daily and 1 hour prior to sexual activity.

Can intranasally inhaled oxytocin increase female sexual function index?

Patients were instructed to inhale 32 IU of oxytocin intranasally up to 50 minutes before intercourse. Female Sexual Function Index scores (FSFI) increased by 26%, Sexual Quality of Life (SQOL-F) scores increased 144%, Sexual Interest and Desire (SIDI-F) scores, increased by 29%, and Female Sexual Distress (FSDS) scores decreased by 36%.

What is the best way to take oxytocin?

Oxytocin is commonly compounded via multiple administration routes including sublingual tablets and intranasal spray. All Oxytocin formulations must be refrigerated. HOW DOES THIS MEDICATION WORK IN THE HUMAN BODY?