What is GTL communication?

Global Tel Link (GTL) is a company that provides communication services to inmates in prisons and other correctional facilities. GTL has developed a special service named ConnectNetwork, which offers various inmate communication benefits such as phone calls, messaging, and easy inmate visitation scheduling.

What prisons use GTL?

GTL is headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia, with additional locations in Alabama (Mobile), California (Sacramento, San Francisco, and Los Angeles), Florida (Gainesville and Lake Butler), Indiana (Indianapolis), Minnesota (Minneapolis), Pennsylvania (Altoona and Pittsburgh), and Texas (Plano, Irving, Fort Worth, and …

What is GTL number?

1 (877) 650-4249
Global Tel Link/Customer service

Can I get my money back from GTL?

The account holder will be able to request a refund for any unused balance of funds. If GTL receives no contact from the account holder after 180 days from the posting of the inactivity notification, the account will be closed and ineligible for a refund. Contact the GTL Customer Service Department at 1-866-607-6006.

What is the GTL app?

Using the app, you can create a ConnectNetwork account, manage your account information, make deposits into various accounts, send messages, photos and videos to your loved ones, take advantage of Walk-In-Retail (Pay by cash) as an alternative to using a credit card. Our features are based on the facility.

Do federal prisons use GTL?

contracts, and GTL also provides service to the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

Is GTL and JPAY the same?

GTL is the service provider for families with loved ones inside a Department of Correction Facility.

Who owns GTL?

GTL was founded in 1980 in Mobile, Alabama under the name Global Telcoin, Inc. The company changed its name in 1999 to Global Tel*Link Corporation. Private-equity firms Veritas Capital and Goldman Sachs purchased GTL from Gores Equity LLC for $345 million. In October 2011, GTL was sold for $1 billion.

Why did GTL cancel my visit?

A visit may be canceled by the facility due to the following reasons: The inmate has been moved to a different location and the visit cannot be rescheduled. The inmate has been released.

What is a GTL Data Facility?

GTL data facilities provide a network capable of handling all of GTL’s voice, data, and call validation and management requirements.

Why choose GTL for your its?

GTL maintains and supports all ITS equipment, software, and functionality for the term of the contract. GTL is renowned in the industry for its exceptional expertise in integrating multiple vendors at correctional facilities. We have successfully integrated with more systems (jail management, commissary, etc.) than any other vendor.

Are visits on the GTL video visitation platform recorded?

Attorneys * please note * all visits on the GTL video visitation platform are recorded at this time. If you choose to video visit your offender client, the video visit will be recorded and monitored, and will not be confidential. DOC is still scheduling confidential attorney client meetings, which can be coordinated with the individual facilities.

How do I request information about my GTL account?

If you wish request this information, please click here accountinformationrequest.gtl.us which will take you to a portal where you can create an account to make this request (first name, last name and email address are required). Alternatively, you can contact GTL’s Customer Service at 1-855-208-7349.