What is Commissurotomy surgery?

Commissurotomy is an open-heart surgery that repairs a mitral valve that is narrowed from mitral valve stenosis. During this surgery, a person is put on a heart-lung bypass machine. The surgeon removes calcium deposits and other scar tissue from the valve leaflets.

What is closed valvotomy?

Closed mitral valvotomy is a well-established method for treatment of rheumatic mitral stenosis. A number of large series have re- ported successful long-term relief of symptoms after operation [l-41. Substantial long-term im- provement in the mitral valve area following closed valvotomy has been demonstrated [5].

How do they replace a mitral valve?

Your surgeon will remove your current mitral heart valve and replace it with a new valve. The surgery team will remove the heart-lung machine. The team will wire your breastbone back together. The team will then sew or staple the incision in your skin back together.

What is closed mitral commissurotomy?

A closed mitral valve commissurotomy is performed either through a left posterolateral or anterolateral thoracotomy at the level of the 5th rib. The lung is then retracted in the posteroinferior position. An incision is made parallel to the phrenic nerve, and the pericardium is opened then traction sutures are placed.

Is valvuloplasty and Valvotomy same?

A valvuloplasty, also known as balloon valvuloplasty or balloon valvotomy, is a procedure to repair a heart valve that has a narrowed opening. In a narrowed heart valve, the valve flaps (leaflets) may become thick or stiff and fuse together (stenosis). This reduces blood flow through the valve.

What is the life expectancy after mitral valve replacement?

Median survival after MV ‐repair was 7.8 years, close to 8.5 years (95% CI : 8.2–9.4) in the age‐matched UK population (ratio 0.9). Rate of re‐operation for MV ‐dysfunction was 2.3% versus 2.5% (mitral valve replacement, P=1.0).

Do they stop your heart during mitral valve replacement?

Your heart is stopped while you are connected to this machine. This machine does the work of your heart while your heart is stopped. A small cut is made in the left side of your heart so your surgeon can repair or replace the mitral valve.

When closed Commissurotomy is applied?