What is Apache Lake?

Apache Lake is the Hidden Gem in Arizona. Our unique location provides a remote and uncrowded experience to lake goers and outdoor enthusiasts. Also, we are the only lake in Arizona that has rooms near the water and walk-in distance beaches.

Where is Waterdog Lake open space?

Also known as the John Brooks Memorial Open Space, Waterdog Lake Open Space has varying trail lengths and interesting features to explore. Enjoy the many ways to see Waterdog Lake by looking at the trail map. The eastern gate is on 2839 Hallmark Drive. For any in-progress concerns, please contact Belmont PD at 650-595-7400.

Why stay at Apache Lake Marina and resort?

Apache Lake Marina and Resort offers a motel with rooms within walking distance of the water and beaches. Our remote experience will take you away from the busyness and noise of city life and have a relaxing time.

What are the benefits of being an Apache Lake member?

We count with electrical and water in some of the docks. Also, you enjoy the benefits of being an Apache Lake Member when you have long-term boat storage, wet-slip, or RV storage. Bring your RV or trailer to our parks with a view of the lake and the Indian head mountain.